Dec 30, 2009

Tak tahu nak mulakan dari mana untuk simpulkan kehidupan sepanjang 2009. Suka, duka, ketawa gembira, menangis duka dan geram...macam-macam yg berlaku sebenarnya. Our life is full of colors...dull, brilliant, calm, happy, angry sepanjang tahun ini (cuma beberapa hari nak berpaut pada 2009).
Tahun 2010, saya akan mulakan tanpa resolution. Bukanlah saya orang yg tidak berazam atau tak punya cita-cita untuk move forward. Saya sekadar mahu muhasabah diri ini sepanjang tahun. Saya nak mencari dimana ruang yg perlu saya perbaiki dan apa yg perlu saya tingkatkan lagi sebagai usaha untuk menjadi lebih cemerlang.
Di tahun 2009 we lost a baby and hopefully akan dikurniakan seorang lagi untuk lebih melengkapi our small family ni.
Apa pun, 2009 akan ditinggalkan dengan penuh kenangan dan ingatan...tahun 2010 dinanti dengan debaran. Apa rancangan Allah swt untuk kita hambaNya....wallahualam.


Dec 27, 2009

Pagi-pagi ni sambil breakfast nescafe (boleh kira breakfast ke ek?), hubby tendang-tendang belon warna merah kepunyaan Adam. Belon ni bukannya dibawa balik dari percutian kami di Genting tapi mommy yg beli tatkala Adam mengamuk nak belon masa kat Giant Kota Damansara...ala yg orang buat pintu gerbang tu..ate, takkan la I nak minta belon yg org buat hiasan tu? Jadi belilah kat Living Cabin tu untuk Adam (panjang kisah belon merah tu rupanya...hehehe). Owh, Adam sekarang tengah bersuka ria di Taiping (tak ingat pun nak tanya Mommy and Daddy-tok la tolong report) since I hantar dia dari hari Jumaat lepas. Sebabnya kitaorang kan nak pindah rumah, banyak la kerja-kerja yg rumit yg melibatkan ketelitian nak kecik tu pula tak tahan habuk...habis naik rashes badan nanti so memikirkan kebajikan anak nan sorang tu, kami bersetuju bagi dia peluang 'bercuti' sakan di kampung.

Balik kepada kisah daddy yg menendang belon si anak tu, I pun keluarkan komen..."Rindu kat Adam ke main-main belon dia tu?" hubby jawab dengan senyuman je. Yelah tu nampaknya. Bukan daddy je yg rindukan Adam...mommy lagi la. Masa drive balik semalam pun rasa kekurangan...sebabnya tiba-tiba takde orang yg bercakap tanya itu ini non stop sepanjang jalan. Selalunya mulut mommy ni penat sangat bila drive...bukan sebab pegang stereng dengan mulut tapi melayan pertanyaan Adam yg pelbagai...macam-macam termasuk la komen dia tentang orang yg berjalan tepi jalan pun..hahahaha...



(apa kes tah mommy letak gambar ni..huhuhu)

Dec 24, 2009

More pics of us at Genting Highlands. Owh, if nak main the outdoor games, jangan la pergi masa musim hujan or hujung tahun like we did. Memang sejuk sangat for the outdoor games..the day we were there, the temperature was 12 c..hehehe. Tapi Adam punye syok nak main, macam tak sejuk aje bagi dia...hehehe. Tapi one day is just not enough to cover the all parks games..hmm..haruskah pergi lagi??? Here we come..we skipped the cable car and we drove up to the peak.

Firstly, get the ticket first..(hubby said such lucky least for us la)

Adamnye fave ialah all games yg 'terbang-terbang macam plane'..huhuhu
Horsey riding with daddy

I purposely put my bag there so that Adam tak push the button yg aan buat the plane turun naik..hahahaha...
Cerita nak naik train ni kan..Adam melalak nak potong que..hahaha..sebab terlalu ramai orang beratur nak bawa train ni pusing-pusing the park dia kena la tunggu lama...mengamuk dia suruh orang ketepi..hehehe..malu tau muka mommymu ini..hehe.
Muka puas hati dapat naik train akhirnya (we all ikut turn ya walaupun anak melalak)

Dia dapat a blue sword from the girl he ngorat (refer to the pic below)..hahaha..the girl was so smitten with him...
Inilah the girl in question..hehehe..notice the pink mitten? that was mine sebelum berlaku rampasan kuasa..hehehe..I guess the girl terpikat dek kerana Adam pakai the pink mitten tu kut.

Finally indoor (mommy sangat bersyukur for the heat) tapi Adam cakap dia panas...huhuu...
Hari ni I went to the office to clear up all my things and to empty my desk since I'll be leaving for good. Punya la banyak junks yg I collected over the years. The presents and cards given by my students, documents I didn't have time to file or throw away, files which I have to pass to the other officer who's taking over my tasks and of course...books..tonnes of books!! Bila dah settle kemas...semuanya muat-muat masuk 3 kotak. I tell you..memang banyak my things at the office so it took about half a day for me to wrap everything up.
Next week will be another new chapter added to my life. I don't know what to expect or feel. I guess, I'll just go and face everything one at a time (itupun if sempat la buat satu persatu). Being a teacher, lecturer, instructor for almost 7 years couldn't prepare me for what I'm going to experience next week. I won't be teaching anymore...I'll do admin and management for my next post. Hopefully I'll face it good and will not freak out..hehehe..
Anyway..put my worry aside, finally I manage to upload the piccas from the camera to my notebook..huhuhu..punyelah malas semenjak balik ni...
Adam after woke up from his slumber, terus main belon.
Used the umbrella to 'kick' the ballon...mana tah dapat idea ni.
Sebab kitaorang lewat sampai, satu je game yg daddy and mommy participated...musical
chair.Mommy berjaya ditempat ke-4 je..tapi daddy managed to bag home hadiah..hehehe.
(notice tak kabus dah makin tebal). Dinner time at the hotel.

Dec 23, 2009

Just before hubby went out to pasar malam (hujan so I and Adam tak ikut),hubby asked Adam;
Daddy: Adam nak makan apa?
Adam: Sup, nasi.
Daddy: Itu je?
Adam: Roti dan jem.
Daddy: Nasi nak tak?
Adam: Nakkk..nasi, sup, roti dan jem.
Daddy: Adam nak berapa?
Adam: Nak dua...(sambil tunjuk 2 jari)
Daddy pandang mommy and we laughed...kelakar la Adam ni. Selera Adam ni unpredictable.Ada masa nak nasi dengan telur aje. Ada masa nak makan sup aje. Tapi so far selera dengan sup ni maintain la. Just kena pelbagai for his selera. Satu je,tak tahan pedas macam mommy...hai la. Ikut lidah jawa daddy memang la boleh tahan pedas tapi if lidah mommy..memanglah.
p.s. gambar di Genting masih dalam camera...sangat malas nak transfer masuk notebook..later la ye. So entry cuti-cuti Genting kena la tunggu juga.

Dec 16, 2009

Sometimes I feel at lost to deal with Adam. No matter how much I read, seeking for advices and opinions...there are times when my sanity and patience are being tested. I tried to understand his needs, his mood, his freedom but sometimes I'm too caught up with this annoying feeling that I'm not doing it right. How would you know what you're doing is right? What if it's not right for your kid although it worked well for other kids?
Everytime he did something wrong, instead of lashing out words of anger, we tried to talk and explain that it were wrong and he shouldn't do it. He used to listen and acknowledged but lately he would cry and refuse to listen.
Lately, instead of addressing himself as Adam to us...he's starting to use the word 'aku'...much to my frustration. I don't want to blame others but he is just a kid and others should know not to use improper words infront of him. We (hubby and I) even stop arguing or toned down our voices if we disagree with each other if he happened to be within the earshot. I even swallowed my *&^%$ words when I am with him.
Now I am afraid ( me pathetic, I don't care) to send him to play school next year. As much as I want him to learn to socialize and learn and make friends...I'm afraid of what he may gets other than the good things.
Last night daddy tried to make the word 'aku' disappear from his vocabulary but by using a method I personally disagree...but I didn't object...keen on making it disappear more than anything but believe me...when we go back today...we'll get to hear it back...hmmmm...
How to handle this ya????

Dec 15, 2009

It seems my brain is doing overtime tasks; thinking, considering, plotting, arranging, planning and lining up all the necessaries. Please note my incapability to find 'extra' free time to do the work accordingly (this month only hopefully). Therefore my body is reacting badly to these activities. I feel more tired than usual and more grouchy.
It doesn't help either when I discovered that the house we will be living at has 8 floor -to- ceiling windows. My eyes (and my head) counting the windows silently and each count bring horror to my humble self. Not to mention the rooms and corners which I will not be surprise if I cari Adam pun tak jumpa.
I didn't take any picture as the house need a good scrub, walls, furnitures and the floor.
Ada sesiapa nak volunteer tenaga? We'll treat you lunch and tea break by the way...hehehe.
The new year is approaching pretty fast. I've decided to make some changes to this blog. Nothing major to boast about, just to please me I should say. Well, changes are good (sometimes) for different perspectives. I'll have to do it bit by bit since I have to prioritize my work.

Oh, we had set the date to move from PD to KL (finally) and it's finally time for me to start working at the new place. They (my new bosses) are anxious for me to start working, they can't wait until early next year so I have to start at the new place by the end of this month. Since my schedule is pretty much full, I'll just have to find time to pack and to tidy up the house. Thank to God we don't have to cuci rumah or whatnot since dah ada orang akan buat. Only one minor setback though. Mana nak letak my furnitures since the house we're gonna stay ni dah fully furnished???Patut jual ke or patut simpan dalam stor (if stor muat all the things la).

Anyway, my parents are coming back tomorrow and we really can't wait to see them. Since I'm attending course (hubby too), we can't apply for leave. Just dapat jumpa di Airport ajelah. Tapi we'll try to go back this Friday (only one day je pun since Sabtu ada kenduri cousin my hubby and we're off to Genting on Sunday).

Should stop writing since I have legal text to read and understand and translate (huhuhuhu).

Dec 12, 2009


A. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet

B. Introduce your wallet brand, price & where you buy.
The brand is Guess and I bought it for $200 at Marcy, somewhere at San Antonio, Texas. I have another one of the same brand tapi sayang nak guna so simpan dulu because itu hadiah dari hubby (sebenarnya dah pernah guna sekejap sebelum bought this one). This one I bought by my own money and dah digunakan hampir 3 tahun. The first layer dah peel off (mungkin tak tahan cuaca disini yang panas). I like black, that's why I chosed it and the design is simple enough for my taste.

C. Take out whatever inside your wallet.
I rarely keep more than RM100 in the purse so I have only small change and I have another small coin purse to put all the coins (my brother bought it for me). I keep what most people keep in their purse...mainly Identification Card, photos, driving license, bank card (I don't keep all my money in the bank which the card I place in the purse),auto card, all sort of membership cards and of course surat nikah (tak ambil lagi card nikah). I don't have any credit cards so none of it in my purse.

D. Tagged other person.
I don't want to specify...whoever want to do it, you're welcome...I do it because I have time to spare/waste (sementara ni la).
I had successfully endured (will this be the right expression?) one week of translation course. It is conducted at ITNM. For those interested, you may want to browse its' website ( for further information. It offers many courses which I find very useful and interesting for personal achievement (berguna juga untuk professional achievement). That was when I felt so small (literally and figuratively of course) when I realize that there are so many things I'm not aware off and things I always take for granted.
I've known for so long that my Bahasa Melayu is not something which I could be proud off (not when off handedly I would said, "Ramainya kereta hari ni") although it is my first language and as a native speaker, I should be very well versed with the language. I am not ashame to admit that I have to learn a lot for a polished Bahasa Melayu. Taklah pelik mana pun since the Mat and Minah Salleh also are not that good in proper English, I may add. The course lead me into a new perspective and I'm beginning to see hope with both languages (B.Melayu and English respectively)...other than hope for a career change also I may add.

Of late, I'm thinking seriously off setting up my own business (guess hubby's passion finally rub off somehow) where I could manage my family at the same time. I have another few years to go in the service and though many expressed their opinion that I would do well in the service, I don't expect more than getting one more rank promotion and annualy increment. I wouldn't say my wish to quit have anything to do with getting more money or being rich. I don't want to be filthy rich...I just want to be able to live comfortably without having to worry about money trouble and able to support those concerned in my life.

The translation course provide another aspect for me to consider. True enough that we have to take years and to be in the right path to be recognised as an established, good and favourite translator but it is not impossible. Nothins is impossible I gather if only we have preserverance and dedication and work hard...insyaallah.

Dec 11, 2009

Yesterday, while we were in between class exercise and 5 mins break, I opened my blog and edited few entries which I saved for later. I have to plan it that way since I am having difficulty with my own time management to find adequate time to write it and post it immedietly. Then my junior who happened to sit beside me for this course made some remark about blog writing. Mostly she said that she will not do it because she feels her life is exclusively hers and shouldn't made available for anyone to read about her daily activites. I usually will let any person express their opinions and will not comment unless they ask for I just keep my mouth shut and continue to write but I made side remarks saying that since the blog is privately owned by me..I myself will decide what is personal and what is not. Takkan if it is personal for me then I purposely put it in the blog kan? Plus, writing a blog will help my brain to keep working to find ideas and in a way, develop my own style of writing...which is good since my work depend on that kan? For example, in this entry...I want to tell about the makan-makan thingy...well, apa yg personalnya if I keluar makan di luar and of course semua orang pun buat kan? I don't know.

Trying to make himself more photogenic...hahaha

Double peace? Yelah...nearly buat mommy threw out the food since he henyak my perut.

Daddy with candy?Why ?
Notice the candy in his hand? Daddy la yg tolong habiskan..huhuhu.

We went to Seremban 2 to buy my shoes (lagi?) and Ain's pants. After the shopping done, terasa lapar pulanya so we headed to Johnny for steamboat since Mak Teh teringin nak makan tapi malangnya penuh and have to tunggu orang habis makan? which like..forever?? Then we decided to go to TCRS because someone was craving for Nasi Ayam but then on our way there, Adam steered into Manhattan Fish Market. I guess he likes it so much when we were celebrating Abg Zahir's birthday that he decided by himself to 'force' his parents (subtly) by going straight to the table...much to our chagrin. Takpelah anakku...demi perut kecilmu itu, kami ikutkan kehendakmu. But the meals was worth it..believe me..hubby kekenyangan sampai refused dessert...hehehehe...

Dec 7, 2009

Ada few entry yang di postponed kerana tak sempat nak upload gambar dan yg halfway kena stop. Paling boring masa menulis blog is when you have to stop and then continue..and then stop again. Sometimes the idea 'mati' camtu je...yelah, ada masa we really into the topic and when we have to stop, the idea might dah berhijrah ke mana-mana tah. I have one more entry pasal my rambling about my little sweetheart tapi for tonight (note: dah morning pun sebenarnya) I would just share about the little shopping I did before I went to Langkawi. Entry Langkawi pun dah posted before kan...hahaha..takpelah.

Since dalam order tulis keperluan membawa long suit maka I decided to get myself a new one la since yg sedia ada memang dah agak lama. So we tried Jusco Kinta City when I was back in Taiping the other day. Takde yg sesuai dan menepati kehendak so we went to G2000 yg sememangnya 'the place' for suit la kan. Memanglah sangat cantik dan ngam-ngam badan tapi tangan pula yg tak ngam coz tangan I ni memang tak sepanjang tangan model kan. Hubby said to just beli je and then hantar tailor for alteration tapi mana la sempat nak jumpa pak tailor lagi dah. Lagipun, beli suit yg boleh merabakkan my purse, then nak kena alter...macam tak berbaloi sangat. So I said nak try kat KL dulu.

After hantar my sis kat her apartment, we went to shop for my suit. If only I know what would happened, tak la aku membazir duit hubby beli suit tu. Though later decided tak rugi in case ada lagi function in future..tapi dek geram kisah Langkawi...tak teringat dah la kan.

This time around I got a suit and 2 blouses yg sama harga dengan sepasang suit sahaja di G2000...hehehe...berbaloi la kut since hubby yg bayar.

Masa we all masuk hari dah petang but when we went out, dah gemerlap dengan lampu-lampu kat christmas trees. Adam sangat excited suruh I take his pics with the tree. Tapi dengan kitaorang sekali menyelit amek gambar kat The Street tu..hehehe. On the way balik, terperasan one actress sedang minum coffee kat sidewalk cafe kat area kitaorang amek gambar. Tapi taklah amek gambarnye...nanti jadi ala paparazzi mamarazzi pulanye.

Gambar yang paling bawah ni diambil just after I resisted the godaan to buy the Body Shop set (tapi beli juga akhirannya di airport..huhuhu)...masa tu rasa so powerful sebab mampu tahan diri tapi bila dah 'terbeli' (haha...boleh ke?) terus rasa tak.
Tapi, instead of beli barang-barang yang tidak dirancang, I mampu kawal diri and stick strictly to what I need rather than what I want. That makes me real proud...hehehe.

Dec 4, 2009

Langkawi was hectic and ever so busy with the once in 2 years event. Traffic was intolerably slow as most drivers opted to use the fast lane rather than the slow one though they were making 45km/j. The exhibitions went on gloriously (anggaran I la) but those who were working behind it know best la. This was my first LIMA experience and though baru first time, I boleh point out banyak perkara. Well, after a lengthy discussion with my senior who share the same opinion..we decided to keep it among us. After all, apalah sangat pendapat kitaorang yg takde kepentingan ni kan?
As i mentioned above, the days spent were hectic so takde kesempatan nak bergambar dan mengambil gambar. I went to Langkawi dah several times dah just not during LIMA je and honestly, LIMA is a good chance to see all beautiful and beastful killing machines, aircrafts and whatnot. The airshow was fantastic I would say.
Above all, I am tired, sunburbed and need good hours of sleep. Hubby yg sangat baik hati telah membeli Stay C-50 Magic Mask dan Super Vitamin E to 'repair' the damage..hehehehe..apa maksudnye ye?
Anyway...gotta get some rest.

Nov 28, 2009

Salam Idul Adha semua,
For the first time , kami beraya tanpa ibu dan ayah. Apa rasanya? Sunyi dan sayu. Apalagi bila mendengar takbir...ingatan jauh melayang pada mereka yg diketika ini berada di Araffah mengerjakan Ibadah Haji. Though we are glad, ayah ibu dipanjang umur dapat mengerjakan rukun Islam yg kelima , ketiadaan mereka sangat dirasai in which merupakan ingatan pada kami tentang pentingnya ibu dan ayah. Bagaimana jika mereka benar-benar telah meninggalkan kami suatu hari nanti...pergi yg tak kembali? Kuatkah hati? kuatkah semangat?
Semalam we get to talk with ayah dan ibu. Semua sekali berpeluang mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya pada ayah dan ibu. Ceria dan berbunga-bunga dihati bila dapat mendengar suara dua insan yg amat kami sayangi. Cuma adik yg terkelu dengan sebak tak dapat bercakap lama dengan ibu. Mungkin dia yg paling bongsu dan sangat terasa ketiadaan ibu ayah. Seperti kebiasaan kami..raya selalunya lebih banyak di rumah dari keluar tanpa arah. Jika sebelum ini, Raya Haji kami sambut di Kedah sebab setiap tahun, tokwan akan buat korban dan kenduri...tahun ini sepi kerana tokwan juga berada di Mekah. Jadi we already decided to celebrate it at Taiping. Kawan-kawan rapat ayah ibu ada dan opah di Pokok Assam juga ada...begitu juga dengan Pakcik Mat di Kuala Kangsar. Tapi so far sebuah rumah pun belum kami kunjungi. Setakat waktu entry ni, kami masih sibuk menguruskan rumah yg lama ditinggal. Menguruskan minum pagi dan makan tengahari.
Kesimpulannya, Raya Haji tahun ini serba sederhana dan setakat ini belum ada pics yg menarik untuk dikongsi. Maybe untuk entry malam nanti lebih banyak cerita dan gambar yg boleh dikongsi.

Nov 25, 2009

Bila bercuti, niat hati nak buat macam-macam le. Dari se basic kerja sampai ke se complicated kerja di plan. Masa belum bercuti, bila hari-hari ke pejabat, terasa macam, "If cuti ni mesti banyak benda dah boleh settle". Taaapiii...bila dah cuti, dari se basic keje sampai ke se complicated keje satu pun tak siap..apa cerita?
Bila mommy cuti, automatically Adam tuned perangai dia yg memang exclusively for "Holiday Mommy". Meaning, manja dia extra 3 notches, meragam dia extra 2 notches, attention craved dia extra 10 notches. Nak marah memang la penat je marah sebab Adam pandai buat attitude, "Do I care??" huhuhu..what he cares ialah mommy gives undivided attention to him..waahaha. So apa yg telah elok di planned, satu pun tak menjadi you. Apa yg jadi ialah satu keje I have to do and redo at least for 2 times..bila I menyapu, dia pun nak tolong, so segala habuk dan sampah berterabur balik and I have to repeat the same thing. Sama la if buat apa kerja pun kat rumah my parents tu (since I balik bercuti ke Taiping this time around). Niat Adam sangat baik..nak tolong mommy so I taklah scold him for doing that although mommy penat bagai la nak ulang siaran buat kerja.
I planned to check the student's assignments since coursework mark dah nak kena submit before 30 November tapi when I opened the lappie and start reading, my beloved little angel tu pun sibuk la nak tengok cd...nak tolong mark the paper. Alahai sayang..if only you could really help mommy to read all the assignments and give my students mark for their work..I'll be very glad to let you have the lappie.
This morning when I hantar to his sitter, dia tanya..."mommy work ke? Mommy pakai baju work! Mommy cuti tak?" Dia dah tahu differentiate bila I keje and when I am not.Bila pakai uniform means mommy goes to work la. If not mau meraung bagai nak rak kena tinggal tu...
Tapi betullah cakap my friends, the time spent though is very tiring and frustrating, it is fulfilling and precious. What Adam's appreciates are very simple and basic...attention, love and care (though mommy ada juga tinggikan suara now and then)...tapi sangat la menguji kesabaran dear precious little angel!

Nov 20, 2009

The day start off beautifully. I woke up early to prepare my hubby's uniform since he has a very important meeting today while he mixed our breakfast drinks..pretty much a routine during weekdays. Then when he went to work at about 0530, I checked my emails, prepared my bag and Adam's things. At about 0700, Adam woke up and took my handphone on the dresser and demanded to play 'car'. So..I opened the game application and let him play it while waiting for me to get dressed. Adam is a morning person...unlike me who is most of the time grouchy before my first coffee (notice hubby mixed my coffee at about 0500?) so he rarely cry or whine when I woke him up though he is still red eyes sleepy...what's the point of me telling you guys this? oh'll come up soon...
I noticed nothing until I get Adam to his sitter, finished my last lecture for this semester and went to my office...then...when I checked my handphone for any messages and calls (since I often silenced my hp during class)...tadaa....there were several messages from hubby, students and one message which put a very big question mark in my head...kenapa this guy send me a sms? apalagi yg dia nak? Appearently, this ex bf sent me message just to ask me why did I call him this morning? him? not in my triliiion year ye. Then I checked my outgoing call..yup, true enough, I DID CALLED HIS NUMBER...which I thought I had it deleted years ago. Then baru teringat yg I baru saved all the numbers in the sim card to the phone.So his number surely di saved sama la. I had his number deleted years ago and was very surprised to see his name appeared on the screen. So I replied his sms to say sorry for my son's behalf since obviously Adam yg called because he used my handphone this morning. My thought was to make it clear that I did not make the call...tapi dah berpanjang pula isunya. He told me (through sms) yang I ni emak yg tak bertanggungjawab sebab bagi hp to my son sebab tak nak bagi my son something to play with to distract his mind la..then keep on insulting with accusation after accusation. Well, pantang I if benda tak betul and orang yg tak de kena mengena cakap macamtu..
All in all, I realize with a huge hubby is way too good if compare with this guy yg dulunya I rasa paling perfect and memahami I. He also said he will not forgive me forever for what I did to his life...apa yg I buat pada hidup dia???Tak faham la...he said he is married, then???lain la if pasal break off dengan I terus jadikan dia seorang gay yg hanya bernafsu pda lelaki kan? Then surely rasa bersalah sebab sorang lagi umat Islam tunduk pada godaan syaitan kan? Lagipun, dia siapa tak nak maafkan seorang manusia lain? Even Allah swt ampun sebesar-besar dosa umat nya...takkan la dia ingat dia...(fikir la sendiri ye). Dia terlalu sempurna ke sampai takde langsung dia kata ada salah dia?Semuanya salah I and semuanya dosa I la this thing terjadi??? yelah, semuanya dia blame on me sebab I was the one yg left him...ego yg besar sebab dia claimed tak mudah jatuh hati, tak mudah tunduk pada perempuan hancur berderai la.
I don't know whether dia 'rajin' nak google my name and surely this blog will appear or kawan-kwan or saudara-mara tolong cari ke apa ke kan.Tapi if you (lelaki yg saya ceritakan ni) baca blog I ni....Sesungguhnya saya sudah melupakan awak dan apa yg terjadi. Dulu, saya masih terasa 'sakit' kerana terpaksa membuat keputusan yg memisahkan kita tapi rasa 'sakit' tu dah hilang dengan rasa sayang dan cinta saya pada lelaki yg ada dalam hidup saya. Makin hilang bila awak menunjukkan 'diri' sebenar awak semasa krisis melanda. Suami saya yg sepatutnya lebih marah dan sepatutnya jadi lebih tidak rational pun tidak berkelakuan seperti awak. Dia memafkan awak dan saya dan menganggap semuanya dugaan dari Allah. Tak pernah dia keluarkan kata-kata kesat mengeji dan menghina awak dan saya. If not because your sms pagi tadi...saya sudah tidak mengingati awak..sekelumit pun tidak. Malah, rupa awak pun saya dah tak ingat dan tak nak ingat pun.
I already move on with my life....sudah lama.Awak bila lagi ye? Sudah-sudah la simpan perasaan pada saya. Saya dah jumpa my soul mate la please go away okay.

Nov 17, 2009

Few pics of Adam and my sister having good time at the beach. Layan jelah entry gambar...kepala serabut nak berfikir banyak.

Nov 16, 2009

I think last week was the pinnacle of my busiest schedule so far. Blame on last minute tasks, blame on procascination, blame on myself..blame on the mood...but yg salah still diri sendiri la sebab masa ada waktu yg terluang, tak nak gunakan sepenuhnya. Masa zaman undergrad dulu, crashing tu perkara biasa...tapi yelah, masa tu takde anak, suami, rumahtangga, belum bekerja maka last minute macamana sekalipun, assignment dapat siap on time. Tapi bila try crash this time around...aku yg burnt.hahaha. Jgn la cuba lagi next sem..harus tamat je study aku dapat high blood pressure pula nanti.
This week minggu SPM examination bermula. Paper English will be on the second day of the exam. I think I had prepared my students well tapi tak tahulah macamana. If based on the trial result, ada banyak improvement dari last year tapi semuanya bukan kuasa kita kan? Tried my best to go through several posible questions and harapan I as a teacher, moga dapat membantu my students menjawab dgn betul dan yakin. Officially kelas dah takde but we're still around untuk membantu mana-mana students yg masih lagi need help. Ramai juga staff yg takde, because menjadi Pengawas Peperiksaan. As I already decided last year will be the first and the last time I jadi Pengawas...tahun ni I nak minta cuti. And after all the hard work, I think I deserve a break. After all, selepas Raya Haji ni I'll fly off to Langkawi for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2009. Balik je dari Langkawi terus ke Institut Terjemahan Negara for 2 weeks transation course. Balik je dari ITNM, terus ke Genting Highland for family day. Then, proceed to Melaka for Gunung Ledang expediton. Memang padat dah jadual hujung which honeymoon yg diplan terpaksa la ditunda next year. Tunda lagi...rasanya dh banyak kali tunda..apa nak buat..if I tak sibuk, hubby pula yg sibuk. So kita cari la masa yg sesuai nanti.

Nov 12, 2009

Finally, my farewell seem real when they organized the farewell hi-tea for us who's going out and those who already went out. How time flies...the unpacked boxes are still at the store room, untouched since it were moved from Lumut 2 years back and now we are going to move again.

Mula-mula kita makan dulu..

Then dapat hadiah

Lastly amek gambar ngan bekas-bekas student yg dah jadi staff.Dulu mampus takut dengan I.Sanggup wat u-turn if nmpak I dari jauh...cari nahas la if terserempak dgn I ek..hehehe.

Nov 11, 2009

This morning, Adam hitted his mak usu's head with the hardcover book. Melayang depan mata je buku tu kena tepat kat dahi mak usu...sesungguhnya sakit tuu...coz mommy ni dah berkali-kali kena ngan buku tu (harus I simpan buku yg bahaya tu after this), tau la tahap sakit when buku tu melayang tepat ke dahi. Meleleh air mata usu...sakit la tu. I asked him nicely at first to appologize..dia boleh buat tak faham you...temper temper..then I asked him whether it's his fault or not..tau apa dia kata..tak!!..Naik sket temper ni...i asked again and this time around suara dah not so nice dah..Adam pun buka mulut seluasnya dan waaaa...menangis meraung cukup. Sebab dia refused nak minta maaf..I left him in the house (mak usu ikut I keluar) and keluarkan my car from the car port...apalagi..makin dasyat raungan dia. Then I masuk and ask him to say sorry to mak usu. Kali ni dia tau mommy tak main-mainnye serious so dia pun sambil paut kaki I (takut I tinggalkan dia lagi la tu), cakap,"Adam sorry ucu".Nak tergelak juga tapi tahan...asal dia tahu bila dia salah dia kena minta maaf and apa yg dia buat tu dah terbukti salah..cakap apa pun takpe la dak? Bila dah salam ngan mak usu,serta merta tangisan stop and terus pakai kasut and said, "Bye bye ucu..Adam gi dulu".
Betapa la kuat lakonan anakku ini..hahaha.mommy and daddy dah tak pelik tapi if orang yg tak biasa sure cakap, tadi beria menangis meraung..kejap je dah ok?Adam ada perangai yg sangat predictable and since ada iras-iras perangai mommy, I know how to handle his tantrums very well now.
Then, after bawa dia beli nasi lemak and kuih, I drove him to his baby sitter house, along the way dia nampak something;
Adam: Mommy..tu (pointing at something)
Me: Mommy tak nampak..apa dia?
Adam: Tangki air.
Me: Tangki air untuk apa?
Adam: Isi air la.
Me: Hehehehe..apa la mommy ni kan.
Adam: Hehehe (ketawa terkekek-kekek gelakkan mommy la tu)
Me: Air boleh buat apa?
Adam: Mandi. Adam mandi pagi tadi dengan air...mommy mandi adam.
Me: Selain dari mandi?
Adam: (buat aksi berenang), ni..
Me: Tu apa tu?
Adam: Berenang.
Me: ke?
Adam: Haah, Adam berenang kat laut dengan usu. Best..mommy bawa.
Me: Lagi, selain dari mandi and berenang, air untuk apa?
Adam: Ape?
Me: Untuk miii...
Adam: (ketawa) num..tuk minum.Adam minum susu sedap...mommy buat susu.
Me: Pandaiiiiii Adam.
Adam: Ketawa seronok.

Nov 9, 2009

Bilik ke 3 dan ke 4 sama size..ngam ngam cukup katil dan gobok. Master bedroom.

Living hall

Tangga dan ruang bawah tangga

Dry kitchen (budak kecik yg interframe tu tak termasuk dalam kontrak sewa ye)

Sebelum mencetus pertanyaan, better I inform awal-awal ye..these are not the pics of our house kat Lumut tu. Ni sekadar nak mengenang 'kerugian' menyewa rumah yg tak pun diduduki (yet).Kenapa? panjjjjaaaaaannnnnggggg cerita dan sakit hatinya. Rumah ni kami sewa di Setia Alam. Terasa macam duk rumah sendiri juga sebab rumah brand new. Ownernya baru je dapat kunci dan terus sewakan sebab pemilik rumah sebenar (anak kepada owner ni) sekarang bekerja di oversea dan kata emaknya..'macam lambat lagi nak balik'. Kami pun baru je mendapat kunci dan sedang plan hari bagus untuk cuci rumah dan shopping perabut lagi..hahahaha..I cakap dengan hubby, meh la kita shopping kat IKEA je..kita penuhkan satu rumah ni dengan perabut IKEA..hahahaha..mau tak buntang mata bos besar tu dengar cita-cita bini tersayangnye tu. "Mana mau campak perabut kat rumah sekarang yang?" "Ala..kita lelong je harga runtuh" balas si bini sambil disambut dengan mata juling si suami..hehehe.
Memang la kami akan bershopping perabut secara besar besaran hujung tahun ni tapi bukanlah untuk diisi ke dalam rumah sewa ni. Disebabkan rumah kami di Lumut tu terbiar je sampai naik hutan sekunder (akibat amek rumah corner lot dan owner pemalas tanam pokok), dari dibiar kosong tak menjana apa pun selain hutang bayar rumah tiap bulan je...kami akan jadikan sebagai project homestay for sesapa la yg nak bercuti ke Lumut atau Pangkor. Sementara nak buat paper and business plan (keje hubby I malas amek tau), my keje is browsing tengok iklan kedai perabot..hahaha..kerja paling best. So, sesapa yg nak ke Lumut dengan family ramai, dan tak nak rugi sewa hotel beribu-ribu..boleh la sewa my house tu. Iklan akan dinaikkan sebaik semua dah settle dan lengkap.
p.s. Entry lepas geram dan sakit hati hanya I and hubby je yg tau.hukhuk.

Nov 8, 2009

Last Thursday, the whole world..US Military and Government especially were shaken by the turn of 'ultimate betrayal' (according to several Texas newspapers) in one of the biggest Army base set up at Texas, USA and most strictly guarded. Yeah, the shooting spree that took 13 victims last thursday by all was a shocked when the shooting occured inside the base vicinity and the gunmen was one of the Officer of US Army. For someone yg pernah berada di dalam persekitaran US training facilities, I boleh cakap yg the security level setiap base sangat ketat...especially to Muslim after the 11/9 tragedy. Jadi, when someone from the inside yg membuat durja..mesti ada something wrong kan? When I read the Dallas Daily, the writer insinuated that Maj Nidal was a good officer but being accused of being a devout to Islam. Pelik kan? apalah salah jika taat beragama sekalipun? Yelah..maybe if the 'killer' is someone called Johnson ke Smith's not that sensitive. Tapi kerana Nidal adalah seorang muslim, ianya menjadi satu provocation. I was trained at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, which is about 3++ hours journey by car but been to Fort Hood for official visits and trip. I went there at the height of all prejudices against muslim and seriously...when semua orang pandang you because you were the only one yg pakai tudung...and treated you with tend to be self concious. Maybe itu juga yg dirasa oleh Maj Nidal although he is an American citizen..apatah lagi apabila menunggu masa untuk di deploy ke go against the muslims. Of course the conflict was too much even for the shrink himself. In CNN, the Nidal family said he complained about being treated differently and once his car was scratched because he had the 'Islamic' bumper sticker. Maybe he just snapped like most people as reported...we don't know kan?
Tapi for someone yg pernah mengikuti latihan disana, if we have no patient and easily offended, memang susah nak sesuaikan diri. I still remember of being asked the reason I wear tudung at one of the drug store. When I said as a muslim, I have to wear it as it is ordered for every women of age...then I was asked kenapa ramai muslim perempuan yg lain tak pakai pun tudung if I dah kata in order not to offend anyone yg might heard me..I cakap la..dalam mana-mana anutan agama pun ada yg devout and ada yg tidak..sama juga dengan Islam. Nak bagi orang luar faham budaya kita dan pegangan kita agak sukar sebenarnya tapi tak mustahil. I still made friends all over the world although they feel 'segan' dengan I. From the Arab's point of view..if perempuan pakai tudung ni kiranya perempuan yg sangat alim so diaorang tak la treated me like they treated our muslim friends from other countries. If terserempak dengan I usually they will greated me with salam walaupun I tak kenal rapat since ada yg bukan satu batch with me. The staffs pula ada yg respect our believes and ada yg kurang...tapi I took it as lumrah manusia la.
Apa yg berlaku dengan Maj Nidal adalah diluar pemahaman kita. Mungkin dia sendiri tak dapat mengawal 'sakit hati' nya lagi...who know? Tapi, satu yg tak mungkin I lupakan is di pandang dengan penuh sinis semasa di Colorado Airport untuk transit.

Nov 6, 2009

I had this conversation with someone few days back. Memang tak letak as early entry coz biding my time to ask for hubby's opinion. Karang orang kata syok sendiri pula better tanya orang yg takkan tipu for the sake of ambil hubby kan, if I put on weight ke, muka naik jerawat ke, if I ask him, he will say, yes, you dah tambah berat la yang or haah, muka naik jerawat banyak pula sekarang...confirm tak tipu hanya untuk amek hati..huhuhu..
So, this person said to me that I look like someone yg memang takde masalah...dan mesti best hidup I kan sebab takde masalah. And then this person went on by saying dia nak sangat jadi macam I...whatever jadi pun cool aje handle everything. My oh my!!! I myself tak tau nak clasify ni sebagai compliment ka, statement ka, luahan rasa ka...sungguh I terkedu. So after this person finally stop dia nye rambling about how perfect my life is and how lucky I am...I went on saying and explaining that, I a normal human being, ada masalah. I am also not so lucky with so many things but at the same time lucky to have few meaningful things. My life is not perfect as dia viewed. I had gone through so many hurtful events through out my life and a bit of ruffle of problem memang dah tak freak me out. I won't lash out my worries or problems at the office..which mean, masalah di rumah kekal berada di rumah and masalah pejabat will remain at the office. If I bring the problems back and forth...I don't know how will I do my work as an Army Officer, as a teacher, as a Ketua Panitia, as a Ketua Jabatan, as a Ketua Kompeni, as a wife, as a mother, as a student and as a daughter and sister in my family. Sometimes I do feel so stressed out with works and with family matters but takkan nak shirk the responsibilities every time kita langgar dinding kan? Nak tak nak kena figure it out how to go around the obstacle if not go through it rather than ignore the looming obstacle yg takkan kemana.
Dulu, masa I was the undergrad student, banyak betul dugaan yg datang...even masa my earliest years working pun. Bukan sekadar conflict diri tapi terlalu banyak yg datang at one time. At that time, I learnt how to be strong and how to stand on my own...even now, my own best friend yg stay together with me cakap, If I happen to kehilangan dia, I still will be able to look ahead and goes on with life but if anything happen to me..dia pun tak sure whether dia boleh..
So to say, obstacles in life, blunders that you make, bukan untuk kita rasa hidup kita tak sesempurna orang lain, tak segembira orang lain...tapi for us to take it positively and move on. Lagi banyak cabaran, lagi kuat semangat kita. So, for that someone yg memang baca my blog ni, I am not perfect..and I do have my own problems and worries...but it doesn't mean we cannot smile, being nice to peoples, be happy and be positive.

Nov 5, 2009

Yesterday evening bawa Adek kecik and Adam ke Teluk Kemang. Kesiankan Adek Kecik yg maybe terasa lagi sedih dengan ketiadaan ibu dan ayah dan also hati sendiri yg gundah...macam-macam yg ligat berputar dalam fikiran. I was amused by their antics playing with the wave. Oh, I should say that Adam finally had the courage to play with the wave and soak himself wet voluntarily. I was entertained watching them. Nasib la rumah dekat je dengan pantai so balik rumah basah-basah pun tak la sempat kesejukan. Then, maybe disebabkan keletihan mandi, Adam tidur sangat awal..hehehe..much to mommy's delight. Maka malam tadi sempat la I vacum bilik adek kecik yg agak berhabuk tu dan settle the laundry. Ala, setakat settle spin dry and sidai je since hubby dah tolong basuh. While waiting for the washing machine to finish working, sempat la download gambar dari camera to my lappie. Ada banyak gambar yg tak sempat di downlod since masa memang limited. Gambar-gambar ni diambil masa hantar my parents ke Kelana Jayaand although dah tak dapat jumpa, we still went to KLIA to bide goodbye..even my aunty from Putrajaya also came down to meet us. It was raining...sama macam kami, hati masing-masing yg menangis..

Looking at the jemaah from the glass...searching for mom and dad at Menara Tinjau, KLIA.
The day was hot at Kompleks Tabung Haji, Kelana Jaya.

Adam imitating his tok.."Adam jgn nakal"

My sweetheart posed for the camera.

Nov 4, 2009

Alhamdulillah my parents dah selamat tiba di Madinah semalam. From the sms sent by my dad, cuaca agak panas but they are very happy. Yelah, hati mana yg tak gembira bila dapat jejak kaki ke bumi para anbiya' kan. Walaupun perjalanan awal ni penuh dengan last minute changes, apa yg penting, my parents selamat mengerjakan ibadah haji dan umrah nanti.
Few days yg lepas, memanglah kami adik beradik sibuk menguruskan barang-barang ayah ibu dan juga kenduri doa selamat. Rasanya since kenduri bertunang dulu, ni la second 'simple' kenduri yg sangat meletihkan...walaupun guna khidmat katering. My parents ada ramai kawan-kawan and although tak ramai saudara mara yg dapat datang (hari bekerja untuk sedara mara di Kedah), kawan-kawan baik ayah dan ibu la yg tolong-tolong uruskan. Until today, badan baru start nak recover letih yg baru terasa.
But yg paling menyayat hati (for me la) when my dad told me to take care of my siblings on his and my mom behalf and if anything happen to them, I'll be the parents and I have to be responsible for them. Although my sis masa tu dah teresak-esak dah, I tetap maintain control la konon but when my dad cakap je macamtu..laju air mata mengalir.
Never before we are not without them...never before we experience the feelings...never before we have to return to empty house...seriously, heart wrenching.
Whatever pun, we hope our parents will be protected by God mercy from any harms and semoga mendapat haji yg mabrur. Amin.

Oct 30, 2009

My mom said, "Breakfast is important if you want to get rid of the excessive weight"
My usual reaction will be, "Ye ke?" and mom will reply, "Check in the internet la"...hahaha...because her anak-anak memang manjang online, termasuk la adik kecik so dia rasa we should aware of all the facts. But, the time that we spent online adakah untuk searching for infos? I could say yes now since I'm back of being a student but before this? Usually I'll google on recipes, places to go for holiday, IKEA website (sekarang pun), ada juga la info about health, beauty and makeup and fashion and baby. Nowadays pula tambah dengan Facebook.
Cerita tentang fb ni kan, masa minum-minum dengan my colleague, timbul tentang cerita cemburu bila dapat 'bertemu' kekasih lama di fb. Of course cemburu the spouses la kan. Ada baik buruknya fb ni. Yang baiknya dapat berjumpa kawan-kawan lama yg dah berpuluh tahun tak jumpa..mengeratkan tali silaturrahim. Yang kurang baiknya bila bergaduh bercerai berai dek kerana fb ni juga...runtuh masjid yg telah terbina sekian lama because of fb. Not to mention yg propose, yang mengurat, yg mengayat dalam fb ni...macam-macam.
I discussed about perasaan cemburu ni with hubby last night and I asked him to come clean about his feeling if I go out with my exes without him? Maybe just for drinks and chat only la. He told me before (masa awal-awal kahwin dulu la) that he is okay with it as long as I know the limitation. Tapi jawapan semalam sudah berubah la...when he said, of course he will feel jeolous if I went out with my ex without him tapi dia akan berbaik sangka la yg I hanya keluar minum dan tahu the limitation...hehehehe..then I cakap la, dulu he said dah coming to 5 years together dah kata jeolous pula...tersengih-sengih la dia..admitting that he cannot imagine his life without me, ever..and he doesn't want to risk it by any chance.. hehehehe..meleleh dengar ye.
So, memang I didn't add the exes in the fb. Tak nak cari masalah. Of course, no feelings, love or affection involve lagi tapi hati manusia...I tak berani mengambil risiko kegembiraan bertanya khabar for 30 minutes meruntuhkan mahligai yg susah payah we built from scratch for almost 5 years..
Jadinya, entry harini bukan tentang macamana nak hilangka berat tapi about fb..hahaha..go figure la camane bleh menyimpang jauh ni.

Oct 28, 2009

Ops...forgot one which hubby said shouldn't be posted (jokingly la since dia malu malu kucing). One night when we were watching tv (Adam was sleeping otherwise no conversation would took place), hubby popped one bonus question...what movie or story had me crying? Since dia tau wife dia ni jenis stone je tengok cerita sedih cam takde, I asked him first (memang la favourite perangai jenis jawab balik dengan soalan ni) which movie had him mopping..huhuhu..his tears..expecting jawapannya takde la.
Tapi jawapannya..."Mohabatein" (Not sure about the spelling though)...well...sebelum I asked why, hentam ketawa sampai tergolek (betul-betul tergolek eh)...sampai hubby dah termalu-malu dah...teruk nye bini ye. Then I proceded by asking why did he cried? Yelah..since memang cerita hindustan ni not in my list, curious jugaklah nak tau. Jawapannya? Biarlah I simpan je...anticlimax ye? Dah janji tak nak reveal so have to keep it..hehehehe. Tapi seriously, cannot imagine la camane nak nangis tengok cerita hindi ni..coz sibuk tengok the actors and actresses salin baju macam-macam style and warna...tak masuk lagi bab menari pusing-pusing naik turun gunung ganang tu. Bab buka baju lagi and bab baju basah lagi..hehehehe...
Me? kena adil ye? I cried my heart out for Puteri Gunung Ledang and Green Miles. I watched PGL, like hundred of times and still cry whenever I watch it. Hubby said...I think too much and when I watch a always a movie that need intrepretation..which he doesn't really like...hehehehe...yelah, mana boleh sama je minat walaupun share semuanya kan? but, Mohabatein????hmmmm...

Date: 28 Oct 2009

Time: 0720

Place: Living Hall, PD

When I came from the kitchen to get Adam's thing before sending him to his baby sitter house, I 'catched' him climbing on the cabinet.
Me: Adam, jangan panjat la, nanti jatuh.
Adam: Adam nak ambil emote (remote) ni aje.
Me: Kenapa Adam tak panggil mommy minta ambilkan?
Adam: Mommy shibuk. Adam ambil sendiri. Adam anjat (panjat).
Me: Bila pulanya mommy cakap mommy sibuk kat Adam?
Adam: Semalam (Dengan selamba on tv cari channel cartoon).
Me: Adam nak tengok cerita apa tu?
Adam: Cite (cerita) alam (semalam)...ada car.
Me: Hari-hari tengok tengok Rory tak boring ke?
Adam: Boring la...
huhuhu...kesimpulannya, budak-budak kecil ni memory sangat kuat...once we denied their wishes by giving excuses..they will remember. Sometimes memang masa tengah busy la diaorang nak meminta itu ini...termasuk la I. Lesson learn...thanks Adam for reminding me my mistakes.

Oct 21, 2009

Right now, I am under pressure to complete my group writing assignments (ada 2 hutang dengan Kak Mona and Rahan), my term paper, article review and paling pressure nak siapkan proposal my research. Ya Allah, bagai macam nak pecah kepala aku baca semua scholar articles about child development. Nak mencari article yg paling tepat untuk merumuskan dan 'menceritakan' tentang research aku. So far my proposed tittle yg telah mendapat anggukan Dr Aziah is, "Motivating speaking skill through play acting among the pre school children at Pusat PERMATA Negara". Tak sure la pula nanti fikiran berubah nak mengalih arah ke ESP's area pula. So I have to do LOTSA reading on motivation, children development and psycology, literature and children lit...rasa aku la setakat rough mapping yg dibuat. Sakit sakit sakit kepala. Since my research is ethnography, kena mencari pusat PERMATA la untuk buat pilot study...BUT, itupun if rajin teramat dan I have time to spare in which I really doubt la.
I know I know..this entry is so 'rojak' and halibut...if you feel dizzy reading it, janganlah baca. Tuan punya blog need to release some steam off her head.
Weh, baru first sem dah pening bab research ni...apa cerita ni? Takpelah (console diri sendiri), at least taklah terkedu di akhir sem baru nak menggagau mencari articles and references. At least I prepare the boat and well equipped it before I go sailing..hahahaha...literary ek.
Bulan december ni dah start masuk second sem...bila dapat course time table..uhuk uhuk...senak perut dan usus bila 'membaca' nama prof f will be with us for next sem...I don't want to speculate until I get to know in 'don't judge a book by its cover' la kes..tapi bila ada sekali tu 'selisih' komen-komen dia to my classmates, at least it shows some of the true color la somehow. This sem punya lecturers memang best...sangat understanding the demand of part time students like us...boleh tolerate certain things dengan sem? I don't know what to expect.
Awal december juga start with acara bercanda di Pulau Langkawi...macam nak start saving for shopping tapi bila discuss dengan 'CEO', semua spending kena freeze sampai ekonomi negara pulih. Mau tak..CEO tu rugi USD 700 baru-baru ni. Lupakan niat shopping, just hiburkan hati berjemur sampai gelap jelah nanti.
Urghhh...makin tak make sense apa yg aku tulis. Back to my reading.Current status is doing the assignment for Kak Mona to compile..sabar kak..nanti saya hantar.
Yesterday (cerita dah basi sebenarnya) Adam was being difficult when I sent him to his baby sitter...he cried and refused to go and insisted to follow mommy to work. Then I told him that he cannot follow me to work...and anak I ni memanglah a difficult negotiator. Tau apa dia kata? haa..'mommy beli mainan kat Adam!'. My oh my...pandai minta toys dah. So I agreed la and thought he will forget camtu je...but soon as dia bangun dari evening nap, terus dia bagitau baby sitter dia 'Adam nak balik, mommy nak beli mainan.' Even masa daddy dia ambil dia, he kept repeating it. So we went out, first to get his hair trimmed sebab dah cam apa tah rambut panjang. Baik betul dia this time around..dah boleh duduk kat kerusi tu alone with having to hold him dah. Then after that, he reminded us again that he wanted his we went to the town and let him choose what he wants Nasib la tak banyak pilihan kat The Store PD nih..tapi memang boleh agak apa yg dia kan pilih...apa lagi if not car. This time dia nak yg besar remote control one but I said no..nanti bukan setakat dia je yg main, dengan daddy sekali terjebak. I only relented to the one yg memang main dua tiga kali sure patah punya. If you know my son yg memang lasak and kasar tu...dia akan 'repair' and 'modify' his toys as he wish. So baik la I buy mainan yg memang tak rasa rugi sangat if rosak hancur berderai sekalipun. I don't know about other kids but I know my own kid tak selalu dapat apa yg dia nak. We agreed to let him appreciate apa yg dia dapat sebab bukan senang nak dapat. Tapi, being a 2 years old..boleh ke you harapkan appreciation comes by taking a good care of the toys? Bukan in Adam's case I think.