Feb 25, 2014


5 days now and I don't know when it is going to stop...and it is quite peculiar to see the strongest, toughest and macho guy in the house to hiccups like kids..oh well, we do hiccuping too but for 5 days??? 
He has been to 3 doctors so far yet his hiccups did not seem to disappear if not reduced...pity the poor guy. So, we barely have a decent conversation this week due to hubby's discomfort...and I could barely hide my smile seeing him hiccuping like small kids...haha..jahat bini ye. Of course kesian and I had tried few remedies to try to cure it but all were not working so I have to force him to see another doctor tomorrow. There is no use of going to work and attend meeting if he cannot talk and will disturb the meeting with his non stop hiccuping right? Lagipun menurut Encik Google, lebih baik la consult doctor bila sedu tu berterusan lebih dari 24 jam. 

Enough about hub's latest state...Adam's Pra PKSR is going to be in early March so we have to revise his lessons quite steadily until that date. Kena divide the duty with hub as well sebab I dah start my class and hubby also has started his. Kenalah sama-sama bekerjasama. Adam kan...(I'm not sure with other kids) he knows what to do, what to write and how to read tapi bila it comes to buat kerja...masyaallah..rasa mommy nak tarik rambut...because he wants to finish his work fast, dia buat dengan cepat without care apa yg dia tulis and jawab. I have to check his books everyday tengok apa yang dia buat. Kadang-kadang ada unfinished work dia bawa dari sekolah...bila tanya kenapa buat separuh? Dia cakap dia tak sempat nak habiskan loceng dah bunyi. Mana la nak sempat siap kalau lebih banyak bercakap dari buat kerja. I sampai warned him not to talk much but bila dah tak boleh bercakap kat sekolah dia carry forward kat rumah la pulanya to my 'delight'. Memang la according to child development, psychologist..adalah normal bagi kanak-kanak untuk bercerita dan bercakap tanpa noktah...tapi fuhhhhh.....sungguh mencabar kesabaran sebenarnya. I can't wait for Mikhail to start talking properly so that Adam could have his sparring partner. Nampak gaya 'percakapan' Mikhail sekarang boleh la nak sparring dengan Adam.

Itu cerita Adam anak kesayangan kitaorang yang dah besar panjang...cerita Adik pula so far dah laju berjalan. He started his first step masa genap umur dia 1 tahun 1 bulan. He stand up and walked for 4 steps towards me and jatuh duduk. Few days after his first 4 steps tu dia dah start jalan satu rumah slowly and by now I have to tell him to walk a bit slower. Masih lagi fully breastfeeding (Alhamdulillah for nikmat dan rezeki yg Allah SWT bagi), he loves to eat and Alhamdulillah he is not a picky eater macam Adam. Senang kerja mommy to prepare his food. Of course, sebab dia ada abang yang dia boleh tiru, he likes what his big brother likes..mainly cars, bricks, books, pen and pencils. Nowadays dah pandai jerit-jerit tak puas hati or if dia tak suka something. 

Banyak juga beza between Adam Muqriz dan Adham Mikhail...but both of them are our precious. Both of them are special in their own ways. Just that I feel blessed dapat experience jaga Mikhail from the day he was born until he is 1 year plus old now, which tak boleh dibayar dengan wang. I missed a lot masa Adam dulu because of work commitments and though I regret it...it can't be undone...so I have to appreciate the time I have with them before i start working again.

Oklah kut ye for second entry. In shaa Allah kita sambung lagi. Till then..take care.

Feb 23, 2014

Tiup habuk

Fuhhhhhh.....tebalnya habuk sawang semuanya ada disini.. In shaa Allah tuan empunya page masih ada, sihat alhamdulillah dan kicking hard. Just got back and ready to write again. Maklum sajalah, bila ada baby dan anak yang bersekolah dan suami yg tinggal sebumbung (chewah)...banyak requirements lain yg lebih penting perlu dilakukan.
I am happy to be back and will slowly try to write. Until then..take care and have a good day.

Apr 30, 2013

Adam Muqriz is officially 6.

I should publish this entry on 9 April but by the time I finished tidied up the kitchen, it was already late. Adik was restless for wanting another session of bf though he fed not too long before that...sigh. I am seriously a lot busier than ever now.
Okay, here goes, since he will be going to primary next year (huhuhu, dah big boy dah my son), he so wishes to celebrate his birthday at his kindy with his friends. So, I have to plan for cake, goodies bag, food and drink for about 61 kids. His classmates are only 16 but during break, they will be out at the play area together jadi we thought pity la to those kids yg not his classmates tengok aje kan. You know how kids are with birthday and cake kan. I am quite strict with junkies so there is no junk food in the bag. We decided to give something which can be used so we bought stationary set for everyone. Adam's classmates got additional note book and jelly. Everyone got two balloons each. Then come the drama for cake pula. He insisted for a Boboi Boy cake. So I went to Secret Recipe to ask for it but they cannot do it. Nasib baik la I know tokey cake yg I can trust for a delicious and handsome looking cake.
On the B day, I almost ran doing everything and going everywhere. Nak goreng bihun for so many tu is not my forte okay sebab tu kena buat dua kali goreng. Nak packing satu hal kan, then nk transfer all the goodies bags and bihun goreng into the car was no joke.
But, towards the end what matter most to us was Adam huge smile. Tak kira la how tunggang langgang our live that day, I had done my best to fullfil his wish. Alhamdulillah for that.
Then, we had a smaller celebration at home. Tok ( nasib la ada my mom) fried another batch of bihun goreng for us. So, to my dear boy who will always be my baby, Happy Birthday and may Allah SWT protect and bless you with goodness in life and hereafter. Amin.
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Mar 13, 2013

Before and After

Kawan-kawan selalu tanya, macamana bila ada baby after 6 years and Adam pun dah besar? Jawabnya, sengih yg lebar. Well, we waited for Mikhail for about 6 years. Mestilah penantian tu something yg we cherished and of course tak boleh complaint. Penat, tak cukup tidur, tak cukup tenaga, confuse yg tak pernah habis, risau dan macam-macam la perasaan yg ada memanglah ada tapi bila pandang muka comel mikhail tu hilang zassss semua yg di list di atas. Adam dulu banyaknya my mom yg assist sebab we were at Manjung so whenever hubby was not around (sailing berbulan lamanya-tipu la kan.hahaha), I went back to Taiping and drove from Taiping to Lumut everyday. Sanggup kan? Jadi, tak rasa sangat la 'ketakutan'(hahahaha) nak mandi baby sendiri or apa yg tak kena bila baby meragam.
Mikhail pula I yg jaga after confinement. Before that my mom juga la yg bersusah payah. Dah I operate kan, nak batuk pun sakit, cemana nak angkat baby. Bila jaga sendiri ni, kena pandai la 'baca' kerenah baby. Maybe sebab dah agak wiser dari age factor, kuang kuang, jadi lebih teratur dan tenang sket handle anak. But, ada juga masa yg berserabut semua benda tak kena. Especially bila Adam nak siap ke kindy and Mikhail pulak sibuk nak bf. Time tu rasa if I could have extra hand memang ideal la. But to summarize all things, I am more organized and patient in dealing with baby. Alhamdulillah.
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Mar 12, 2013

Ting tong

I guess Mikhail punya perangai though wayyyy lebih sabar dari Adam, lebih kurang sama je. For instance they have specific needs at specific time (more or less) so most of their antics are predictable. Contohnya after feeding, nak tidur but if he refuse to sleep, check his diaper, then let him sleep on his stomach for awhile until he finishes his business (whatever at that time like kentut or poo) then change into new one and off he sleeps. Lately he feeds like there is no tomorrow. At 2 months old he weighed at 4.9 kg. Not that much I rasa sebab tengok baby lain at his age semuanya sasa belaka. Hahaha. Ayat sasa tu memang over kan. Last night Mikhail bf every one hour. Hambek. After feeding, I burped him, changed his diaper and when I was about to sleep, he woke up for another feeding session. Weeeee...I ended up ting tong today. So, Adam is off to kindy and Mikhail is dozing now. Mommy gonna shut her eyes for few minutes until ateh comes back. We have a special surprise for my husband today so gonna do some shopping petang ni. Nasib baik I masak awal so boleh la zzzzzz jap. Okay peeps, I could barely open my eyes dah.
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Mar 11, 2013

Cer teka cer teka

Aduhai, tak suka sungguh bila my students or young people use this type of words in their writing. Sometimes they sms you and left you wondering what the heck they smsed. Hahaha. Generation gap la ni kan. Nasib baik la ada member baik I pakcik google tu. So, takdelah I ni dianggap old school dek my students walaupun apa aku kisah kan.
Okay, habis je pantang, tau mana ku habiskan masa? Hahaha, nun ke Putrajaya kitaorang meronda. Plannya nak ke rumah my aunty and plannya juga nak pergi kejap aje sebab dengan baby ni I tak gemar balik rumah lewat malam. Bila baby meragam takleh tidur malam nanti susah la kan. But, dah borak-borak ni, my aunty ajak la my mom ke Alamanda bershopping. Ye, betul sangat, I telah berjaya ke Alamanda bershopping dengan jayanya. Alhamdulillah Mikhail tidur dlm gendongan daddy dengan nyenyaknya. Tapi when we were about to leave dia menangis sekuat hati sebab lapar so I had to feed him first before balik. Korang tau jelah bila dah ada baby ni, nak feed dia, tukar nappy, itu ini so kitaorang sampai rumah dah lewat malam. Risau juga la Mikhail meragam tapi alhamdulillah elok je dia tidur and bangun pun according to his feeding time je.
Bila bangun pagi tadi, satu badan sakit-sakit. Apalagi, ubat periuk dengan tungku la dicari. I guess my body still need time to adjust to its post pregnancy state. Maybe bagus juga sebenarnya to walk the mall during confinement (hahahaha). Yelah, limbs and joints need to adjust its original position kan. So, have to exercise them frequently is the answer.
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Feb 20, 2013

44 days

Alhamdulillah harini marked the 44th day of my confinement. Kalau orang dulu-dulu sure buat pulut kuning and rendang dah ni to celebrate the end of confinement period. Nowadays mungkin ada yg buat but maybe tak ramai.
As he grows up, Mikhail learns new things everyday and demonstrates what he learnt. Like, he is able to recognize my voice and daddy's voice. He could hold up his head for few second and of course, he loves to cuddle up to mommy any given time. Older people will disapprove bila kita peluk anak lama-lama kan. Sebab katanya nanti bila dah terbiasa, mommy susah nak buat kerja sebab baby nak dipegang sepanjang masa. This contradict dengan finding from books and internet where mommy and baby should spend time together for bonding during early days. Juga bagus untuk self confidence baby later on. But I guess everything should be done in moderation la kan. Janganlah peluk anak sampai rumah jadi tongkang pecah and makan minum ahli rumah yg lain tu terabai. Itu yg I buat. Selalunya after feeding, Mikhail will be sleepy and I will take some time to hold him and afterward will place him in the cot. Ada masa baby pun lenguh kan, baring aje all day long so I will lift him and play with him for awhile. Or, lately yg dia paling suka, turn him on his tummy and Inshaa Allah he will sleep with ease.
Baby grows up very quickly and I don't want to miss every moment of his development while I could, Inshaa Allah.
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