Oct 30, 2008

F1 in Schools Challenge

Practically, they had finished with the first obstacle which was the presentation.I could say that presentation is the biggest challenge for them since all of them are not fluent in English and they learn by memorising...which the words are not at the tips of their tongue. They are good though as they work really hard. During the presentation I think I was the one with frayed nerves..hahah..talk about overeaction kan. Their performance so far at parr with other school which is a good boost for the boys' motivation. They have another round at Cine Leisure, Damansara this Saturday and Sunday, being Sunday the closing ceremony. I hope I could make it on Saturday and Sunday coz I have court appearance which I can't just cancell...if only I'm the judge la kan? Sure you do wonder apa la I have to do with court appearance right? Well, for my job describtion I did mentioned that I work on almost everything kan?hahhaa..that include being a lawyer also. Well..that's being a versatile and multitasking person.

Oct 28, 2008

The glory of working from home

My boss said to me, 'Hilangkan diri esok from the office'.

Well..definitely I've never done magic before but to disappear from the office but still working is not impossible. So here I am at home doing whatever work I could possibly do. But then..it's fun..I should do it more..hahaha..It's once in a lifetime nyer chance lah..and I discovered that I like to work from home...maybe I'll have to think more about it.

Tomorrow is a big day for the boys. It's their presentation day!! After months of hard work and gruesome drilling which you could not imagine..they are ready for the National. My part will be the last touching and puffing up...to look into their presentation skills. So far it's going okay but their lack of emotion when presenting is something I have to work on. One thing they have to overcome is their shyness. I try to understand their dilema of being in the all boys school but it's just so frustrating...after all, being the only team from the Armed Forces definitely will attrack more girls..lucky they are not wearing the uniform but the shirt like mine (as shown above) or they'll feel more nervous when ppl will start staring.
The price the pay when being a celeb..hahahaha...

Oct 27, 2008

Mommy and Daddy yang ditinggalkan

We went out to see my boys preparation for the F1 In School competition after Maghrib and after that we 'lepaked' at the warung having our lunch+dinner. It has been awhile for us (the two of us) to lepak minum nescafe tarik (both of us love to drink this) and in between having my mee celup (my fave) and hubby's order of rojak buah, we had this conversation:
Hubby: Call Adam dah?
Me: Dah just now..adik was telling me Adam is having fun.
Hubby: having fun eh?
Me: You notice tak?When there were only the two of us..before Adam I mean..being berdua je taklah sunyi pun kan? Agree tak?
Hubby: Yup...(sambil sengihx)..so, the conclusion is?
Me: Owh..don't tell me we should get another lil one..
Hubby: Huh? No...Abg nak cakap..so jgn la tinggalkan Adam kat kampung.
Me:..I have too lah...(sambil wat muka sedey)
Hubby: I know...
Me: Abg...
Hubby:..yeah..I know you want to tell me that you miss Adam kan?
Me:..errr (I'm about to cry dah at this point)
The little guy means so much to us..without him the house seem empty and eerily quiet. I keep on hearing his laugh and cry...parah dah aku nih..baru je sehari..can't imagine to go through another 13 days..hmm..

Having fun 2

He is having fun playing and drenching everybody with water. I also had fun just by watching him having fun. I miss the little guy already..hmmm..

Oct 24, 2008

Having fun

His newly opted ideas of constuctional fun..my guess la. Takpelah Adam..asalkan bahagia.

Friday the 24th.

Today is a rainy day..from 5 am till now (it's drizzling now) and I wish I could have my flannel power puff girl blanket (don't be THAT surprise..I'm still a little girl at heart) to cuddle with. I know I could take a long nap if I want too...I don't have to go to the office anymore since our office hour for Friday is 0730 to 1230. Sigh sigh..if only yeah?
I have to prepare my Adam's luggage as I would HAVE to send him to kampung to stay with his opah. Oh yeah..tell me about being estatic!! my youngest sis is VERY excited and been so ridiculously happy when I told my mom that Adam has to stay with them. Not to mention my mom and my dad, of course. Have I mentioned before that Adam could only last about one week without me and of course his best buddy-daddy, or he'll start looking at road in front of our house?This time around it'll be 2 weeks for him without us.Camane lah..
Reason being?..oh yeah..the sacrifice of a teacher for her students who don't even realize that THEY have a BIG exam coming up SOON. I have to leave my son with my parents so that I could give them (my students) extra classes in the evening and night without having to worry about my son's welfare. I hate the idea of being away from Adam and I'm doing this just for my students' sake.
I guess that's why my boss kindly give me a weekend off when everyone have to work, even during the Deepavali holiday....hehehehe..thanks to her..I appreacite her understanding.
Taiping..here we come..(I'm dancing with excitement)

Oct 21, 2008

When you cry, I shed your tears-A true story

This evening I was so frustrated that resulted earnest tear drops (read I only cry when I am angry or disappointed not sad) in broad day light..shesh. Sometimes, my expectation is so off key that people who don't really know me will be left wondering what's their fault..but that's beside the point coz I will not waste my precious fluid (read I don't often drink water) for people I don't know nor care. But for those who know me well should know what I'm like..right??
As the tears flowed uncontrolled, Adam who sat on my lap stared at me and I could see questions formed in his little head. He heaved up, pull out a facial tissue and dabbed my face and eyes.
The simple gesture warm my heart and make me cry even harder..gosh...its hormonal. I never cry, shout, argue or rising my voice infront of him before and guess he never see his mommy cry but everytime he cries..that's what mommy does. Thanks my dear Adam..you brighten my gloomy day.

Sweet thought

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

Oct 20, 2008

Semboyan telah berbunyi...

A number of friend and family have been asking the same question. Other than teaching, what else do I do with my time? Nilah kerja sampingan nye. Macam-macam ada..Take your pick.

Oct 17, 2008

Lenggang si paku lenggang..

Semalam nye cite dibawa ke hari ni kerana keletihan yg maksimum ditambah sakit kepala yg marvellous. Aktiviti semasa bulan ni sangat padat and tiring (what's new anyway). Semalam selesai satu la 'hutang' which was UJL ataupun Ujian Jalan Laju. It is a must for everyone in the Army. The reason aku tak cakap in the Armed Forces is because for RMN, tiada such activity..begitu juga dgn RMAF (belum pernah berkhidmat di Air Force jadi tak tau sangat la). Selama 5 tahun aku serve the RMN, tak pernah ada aktiviti seumpama ini melainkan jika aku berkursus dibawah Army. 'Ujian Jalan Laju' ni ada beberapa peringkat and semalam kitaorang buat 12 km. Actually, nama Jalan Laju ni sekadar nama je..bukannya berjalan tapi berlari.Bukan sekadar lari lenggang si paku lenggang je tapi dgn membawa bebanan.
Masa UJL dilepaskan tu hujan tengah renyai-renyai..but lebih baik hujan dari panas terik. Lebih baik sejuk dari panas kan?
Selesai aktiviti jam 1900.Aku sampai kat rumah dgn blistered leg (sakit and pedih sangat) and sore muscle. Since adik-adik datang rumah dan aku dah tak terdaya nak masak..kuar makan kat benteng. First time makan nasi goreng thailand..hehehe..balik dari benteng aku dan Adam yg keletihan tertidur tak sedar sampailah hubby kejut. Bangun pagi ni...super headache, runny nose (coz the headache), sore muscle, sore everwhere..hilang la 1 kg dah nih.

Oct 15, 2008

War Refugee and Victim of Cruelty

The topic itself is depressing. It has something to do with my work these days. As I'm working on a paper about our front line readiness after the 9/11 (exact title can't be released..sorry), I come across the book about Communism in the present world but I forgot the author's name. In the book, there are many pictures of war victim from Lenin and Stalin eras. Those pictures are so graphic I could feel the pain the victims were suffering. The photographer was so damn good coz the pictures potrayed the suffering through their eyes.Sadistic!!
Pics of suffering woman, man and children...yg paling tak tahan tengok pic of children yg suffer from malnutrition and hunger..yg kerja as labourer kat 'death camp' and a pic of badly burnt baby.
After looking at it, I can't continue writing...let the image be blurred dulu.
Actually, in todays modern world pun masih lagi ada 'Lenin' dan 'Stalin'. Well, since I can't continue with the book...bukalah Sun Tzu's War & Management. As hubby said..my choice of reading is somehow ecletic...

Oct 14, 2008

Sambutan Raya dan Malam Mesra

Oleh kerana tuan rumah ni kejenye 'jaga' anak-anak orang kat hostel jadinya malam ni ada la jamuan raya dan malam mesra untuk Kompeni Alpha.Bagi yg tak berapa nak faham sistem Kompeni ni, jangan la salah faham dgn 'syarikat' lak.Kompeni ni ala ala Rumah Biru atau Rumah Merah la masa sukan. mine is Alpha Kompeni yang dianggotai seramai 112 orang Perantis (macam pelajar la if kat luar). Malam tadi berlangsungnya majlis yg 'havoc' sebab sumanya lengkap pakai baju melayu dan since aku sorang je lady jadinya aku jelah yg pakai baju kurung.
Nice one organized fully by the students under advised of us.

Oct 13, 2008

I wonder..

At my area, gerai makan rancak beroperasi cuma masa bukan cuti semester. If during the semester break, hampeh nak jumpa satu pun yg berdekatan. If happen somebody come to our house, nak cari kuih muih ke apa ke memanglah macam nak cari dress MNG sale 90%. Masa aku balik kerja tadi, amboi indahnya pemandangan dengan macamx gerai yg ada. Jual mee goreng, bihun goreng, kuih-muih, ayam panggang, air macamx color...
Sometimes friends happen to drop by. Bila takde makanan tu la orang nk datang pun..nak harapkan kedai kat area sini time cuti semester memanglah meng-kuciwakan jiwa. Cam ada diskriminasi lak peniagax gerai kat area sini.

Oct 11, 2008

Adam's hobby

He will switch on the computer at my work station, switch on the printer (still can't figure out the reason) and will start typing. He also loves laptop (as seen). Whenever I sit on the chair he will ask to be lifted on my lap and also busying himself helping mommy doing works.What can I say?

Current state

Pretty daunting eh?And should I emphasize that the 'tower' is only half of what I have? And should I add that all those pink papers are only English Paper 2 and Paper 1 is the straight white one. The humour of teaching profession.

Oct 10, 2008

Dedicated for my hubby

This entree is for you dear (coz sometimes he does read my blog) as to appreciate your big help.
Hari Jumaat my working hour is until 1230 so balik ni dengan niat nak kemas all the glassware yg dikeluarkan masa open house aritu simpan dlm cupboard.
Masa I basuh the other day I put everything under my sink but balik tadi tercari-cari mana perginya the bucket..Then jumpa kat store room dah half empty...
The relief is so huge (badan and otak penat max) I feel so grateful to have him as my husband.
Berkat my parents yg carikan jodoh agaknya...hehehe.
To my dearest hubby, thanks a bunch for your help..mopping, sweeping, washing, storing and other things also.I really appreciate it.

Oct 9, 2008

Mee Kari Open House

We planned it for days..of what to cook during the small open house. Macamx la idea keluar (since bukan diri sendiri yg nk masak) tapi most of it kena pangkah dgn chef a.k.a hubby sayang.
Lastly we agreed on (insisted by me with not a small amount of persuasion) Mee Kari, Spaghetti, fruit, candy and cake.
Jadinya semalam bertungkus lumus kemas rumah (rumah dah kemas according to hubby but mommy cerewet he said..aiyoo.) and by 1700 baru nak start buka gelanggang silat kat dapur.
Tiba-tiba baru realize periuk terlalu kecil untuk kuah yg banyak...err..I invited almost everyone kat office jadinya if masak sket cam baiklah takyah jemput orang datang makan. So hubby rushing gi cari periuk baru yg besar...hahaha..puas hati.
After maghrib dlm jam 1955, our first guest memberi salam...masa tu kuah still tak didih lagi and spaghetti is nowhere to be seen. Nasib la yg datang tu orang 'bujang' so kena tunggu kejap pun takpe.
All in all, tuan rumah ni memang busy abeh melayan tetamu yg datang sampai tak sempat nk snap picture of the foods and the guests. Bila dah tinggal 2 families plus orang-orang bujang..baru la sempat nk amek gambar.
Last guest balik was around 2345 coz lepak-lepak tgk my albums and citer kat tv. Then I and hubby gantung kaki...lenguh!!!

Oct 7, 2008

Lagi Gambar Raya

Mej Hamdan kira duit raya..tuan rumah ni lak sibuk tuang air..serve diri sendiri
Makan la..ni aku yg buat nih..Mej Rohana pembekal kuih raya untuk jamuan ni.

Ko makan je mek Ti..sedap tu aku yg buat..kat kedai.

Antara juadah yg ringkas yg ada. Bukannya jamuan besar-besaran pun,sekadar ahli sepejabat.
Ad-hoc nye plan.masa break semalam Mej Rohana suggest wat pot luck so hari ni masing-masing contribute biskut dan segala macam kerepek.SEO lak contribute buah tapi tak sempat amek. Havoc la kejap dgn 'tetamu' yg turut singgah ke pejabat kitaorang demi merasa kuih muih yg di organize oleh kitaorang..bukan selalu.

Oct 6, 2008

Filem yg sadis

This is last night nye story. We arrived very early-manage to side step the massive traffic jam by using the old road and Adam went straight to bed.Penat sangat la tu. So tinggal le mommy and daddy je to kemas barang-barang sket and since hubby penat drive I let him watched the tv peacefully. Then I went to see what's on the box and guess what? CINTA was on air. Punyalah dulu tunggu nak tengok movie ni kat cinema tapi terlepas. Nak beli CD tapi asyik je bertangguh sampailah ada 'tayangan amal' kat TV semalam. So dapatlah daku menghayati the storyline and a superb cinematography. The actors and actress played their parts well.
Dan disini aku akui, inilah filem kedua yg membuatkan aku menitiskan air mata kerana message yg terkandung dlm pengucapan selepas PGL.
When watching movie, aku paling tak suka bercakap ataupun dengar orang bercakap sebabnya bila sesuatu pengucapan dibuat, I'll try to understand the underlaying meaning at the same time. Agaknya heavy movie suit me ok..
Well, definitely will buy the CD for the two movies. Have a good cry and feel good after that.

Gambar-gambar Raya

Ni la anak teruna ku di pagi raya di Klang.Daddy 'umpan' dia by taking his pic so that dia tak disturb mommy nak touch up (gambar latar).

Adam Muqriz minta ampun dgn nenek dia. Banyak salah ni..

Adam Muqriz's first 'sampul' with duit.Anak lagi kaya raya dari mommy and daddy dia.

Posing with atuk, nenek and little Alif Najmi..notice tak sampul in his pocket?hehehe..

I'm busy mommy. clients are waiting for the conference...betul la IT nye baby. Orang sibuk raya dia sibuk dgn laptop main game.

Oct 4, 2008

Setamat Cuti

Dah 3 hari balik Taiping, tak terasa nak melawat 'rumah' yg kena tinggal sekejap ni. Malam ni la baru terasa nak menjenguk...though esok dah nak balik dah.

Raya ni mulanya berazam nak control food intake supaya berat yg turun masa puasa dulu dapat maintain tapi nampaknya usaha kurang berjaya..naik balik la dengan kuantiti makanan yg melepasi trakea ku ini.

Hubby said better buat puasa 6 nanti before makin terlanjur menambah berat.Ye juga..sekaligus gantikan puasa yg tertinggalx tu.So next year taklah tercicit nak ganti puasa bila dah nak dekat bulan Ramadhan.

Esok pagi dah nak berangkat pulang ke tanah jajahan...rasa malas la sangat ni.Adding to it, hubby masih lagi cuti.huhuhu..sungguh tidak adil..but in a way bagus juga..taklah in hurry to prepare Adam and breakfast before go to work.

Adam tahun ni enjoy beraya..suka sangat makan kuihx yg crunchy.Happy je dia dgn baju melayu tu.My parents lagi la excited tengok cucu sorang ni beraya.

But yg tak sedapnya dapatlah diarrhea coz makan biskut raya...kesian dia.Gi beraya manax pun mommy usung changing bag Adam. Tak nak kasi dia makan kesian lak coz dia minta but jadi camni lagi la kesian.

My entree ni dah tunggang langgang cite.Apax jelah kan since my own 'house'. Well, have few pic masa raya....layan jelah ni ye.