Oct 6, 2011

October is here

Well,I obviously been struggling to produce 2 to 3 entries per month now.Not a good thing for my sanity though.Yeah well,what's wrong with blogging when you are under lotsa stress kan.It's not like you commit something sinful or unforgiving.It will only cause your reader to feel gloomy,depress and unhappy (Only!!!).Hehehe. As I write in this blog of mine, many times ago, blogging release a major burden of stress and unhappiness I often encountered. Or dissatisfaction of anything that I cannot express verbally.
Yup,I am busy,I don't have time to blog more than I would like to,I have to prioritize my work now as I am so desperate to find time to do all the things I have to do and I am simply too tired at the end of the day to do anything else.
My new semester has started officially weeks ago and we have a number of assignments and readings to do but I don't even touch the books. At this stage, I feel like giving up my study. I hate it when I don't have enough preparation for classes and I hate it when I have to hand over my job to someone else to finish because I have class to attend. It is so difficult at this moment because ( I know it's cliche coming from me) I have major events to handle.
My son is growing up alone sometimes when I am at the most busiest week, Often than not he sleeps without my good night kiss...kesian.
So, I started my October rant by ranting about my stressful life.Hopefully I will have something more exciting and wonderful to share in the next entry.Inshaallah and amin.
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