Feb 28, 2012

Taman Botani II

More pictures of us at Botanical Garden, Putrajaya. Bila cuti baru ada masa ngadap pc to upload the pictures. Usually update guna GT sahaja. I think if you are to arrange a wedding there, the shoot will be beautiful because the green really brings everything out..hehehehe..

Mommy nak pose macam Adam tapi malu..hehehe

Budak ni dah penat so dia mogok tak mau jalan..jenuh pujuk.

We are here..hehehehe

Let him feels the leaves and grass and run freely without us shouting and worrying of his safety.

Anything For You.

Those days we were so poor,keeping a pet was considered as impossible because mom said,if we were to keep a pet,we must considered its well-being. When we had so little on our plates,how will we feed our pet? So,the closest we had as a pet was chicken which later became our luxurious lauk.Often we cried when ayah slaughtered them but after mom cooked it,the crying stop immedietly.
If I come up with this story,nobody will believe me except those who know me since I was small.Alhamdulillah,the hardship,as well as difficult life taught me to be a stronger person and to work hard to achieve success.
The thing is,this pet issues continue until my youngest sister.You may think that my parents will grant this wish as they only have her at home but no.We have 2 cats at home.Stray cats we keep for years and later become a family pet.My parents said those cats are enough of responsibility.
Okay,Adam likes rabbit.Our neighbour have it and when he goes back to Taiping,my mom will walk with him to say hi to those rabbits.So,guess what,my dad got him rabbits!!!! Because he said Adam likes it so much.Wow!!!Anything for his grandson huh.
So now we have cats,bird and rabbits at home.Adam is very excited,he feeds those rabbits every morning and evening.He asked to bring those flurry balls to KL much to my delight..hahaha.I told him,we don't want to kill the rabbits so we have to leave it at kampung.He has to wait until we move to Manjung where we have space for those rabbits to run free. Of course,Atuk is considering Adam's request but this time I have a say and I say No. Hahahaha.
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Feb 23, 2012

Mommy ada 4 tangan.What??

Wow.Jika mommy ada 4 tangan tentu mommy dah glamour di interview wartawan tv,surat khabar ataupun majalah.Mungkin mommy dicalonkan untuk disenaraikan dalam Guiness World Book of Record.
Namun,mommy hanya glamour dalam hidup daddy dan hidup Adam :) sebab mommy tak punya 4 tangan physically. Tapi mommy boleh buat kerja macam mommy ada 4 tangan. Mana taknya,setibanya di rumah selepas ambil Adam di sekolah,Adam akan order makanan.Lepas solat asar,mommy terus masuk dapur siap-siap nk masak,sambil mandikan Adam,sambil buat susu untuk dia minum while waiting for the food,angkat kain,kemas dapur dan melayan soalan Adam yg tak pernah habis.
Sometimes bila Adam demands more than one thing at a time,mommy will say,"Mommy takde 4 hands".So Adam kena sabar tunggu.
Now he understand when I ask him to wait for awhile because mommy can only do one thing at one time.
He is not even 5 years old yet he understand. Why people who are much older and wiser cannot understand when I said I don't have 4 hands.They look at me and say " Duhhhh,of course you only have 2 hands idiot".
I feel like throwing a huge tantrum.Screaming and swearing freely to my heart content.People, it seems, think that I am a problem solver.They give me problems and they expect answers to be produced.Well yeah,I do think so because of the amount of 'rubbish' that I have to deal with daily are just unbelievable.
One of these days I really am going to kick few asses.,sheshhh.

Photo Credit to : Google.
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Feb 19, 2012

Taman Botani Putrajaya

If you are looking for a suitable place for picnic, leasure walking(long walk) as well as place for your children to run free,you may want to try Botanical Garden at Putrajaya. The luscious green garden sprawled at Precint 1 Putrajaya.
This week we decided to channel our trip to somewhere free.Well,it is not exactly free if you count fuel and tolls as you make your way there but the entrance fee is FREE. Once you are there,there are alternative ways of how you want to enjoy the garden.You can rent a bicycle,walk,hitch the tram ride,follow a guided tour or walking like us.
What can you see there? Well,trees,flowers,rocks,and lake. There are over 700 plant species from 90 countries so you can imagine yourself how many are there to see. The garden is divided into several parts namely Floral Garden,Palm Hill,Sun Garden and Lakeside.
If you are interested to know more you can always spend sometime in its Interactive Exhibition for educational experience.I'm not sure whether you have to pay or not so you may ask at the Visitor Centre once you are there.
Botanical Garden Putrajaya opens daily from 7 am-7pm.
My advice are:
1. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and cotton shirt as you may sweating bit while walking.
2. Bring along mineral water to drink as the cheapest drink is around RM5 which you can get at the Seafood Restaurant.
3.If you have small children,you may want to bring along their stroller because it is quite a long walk and they will get tired.
4. Don't forget your umbrella or cap.
5.Bring your camera because the place is just so beautiful.
6.Don't forget to introduce to your children some of the beautiful flowers and tree.
Hope you will enjoy the trip as we did.
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Feb 16, 2012

My Hobby Is (Part 2)

Okay,other than scissor and paper,Adam is veryyyy attach to his white board.Be it at home in study room or at my office where he used to rub off important details and wrote unrecognised symbols I thought that alien had invaded my office to gather important infos and tried to communicate with me..hahaha.
Nowadays,at 4 years and 10 months,he love scribbling while story telling. I had unsuccessfully tried to break the complicated codes and hands up,I nearly sign up for Intelligent Officer course.hahaha.go figure.
When I asked,his simple answer is,"You don't know the story mommy,this is the red car who drives to rescue the blue car and he has to jump and fight with the crooks"
Errr..please look at the pictures while imagining this story okay.
I know,his creative juices are flowing and I just let him be and sometimes I do chipped in but to my horror,he usually reject my contribution of ideas.Huhuhu.
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Feb 12, 2012

My hobby is...

I love reading.Sambil makan,dlm toilet(sila jgn ketawa),dlm bas,sebelum tidur,sambil bersembang dengan hubby pun saya membaca.Of course saya membaca masa bersembang dengan hubby tu bila saya tak nak dengar apa yg dia cakap sebab kalau cakap terus terang nanti ada yg kena tidur luar(saya la tu).haha. Mak saya pun kagum dengan kebolehan saya membaca dan concentrate dengan bacaan walaupun dalam tahap kebisingan yang boleh bagi pekak telinga.
Tapi,saya sedang buntu memikirkan hobi anak saya.Dari kecik dia suka sangat dengan aktiviti ni.Saya ingatkan bila dah besar ni mungkin keinginan dia untuk melakukannya dah hilang tapi saya silapppppp. Tiba-tiba dia kembali melakukan hobinya hari ni bila dia terjumpa gunting yang saya tak sempat simpan.
Saya masih belum berjaya mengenalpasti kebolehan anak saya ini boleh diletak dibawah spesifikasi kebolehan yang mana. Anak korang ada hobi yg iras-iras hobi anak saya tak?
Anak saya suka gunting kertas sampai berjam-jam lamanya tanpa jemu.Kalau tak saya suruh dia gunting dlm satu bekas,nescaya rumah akan dipenuhi kertas confetti cam ada hadiah besar org bagi kat saya. Tapi at 5 years old,dia guntingkan bentuk seluar,baju,rumah,pokok...rather than odd shapes like those days.
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