Jan 31, 2009

This is lil Adam with his fave toy. Tak nak berenggang langsung tu...sanggup tahan mata tak nak tidur just because daddy say no when he wanted to bring along the car inside the bedroom. Sampai terbaring-baring tu sempat lagi main sambil mulut bersembur voovoovoovoo...hailah lil Adam nih..at last sampai tertidur pun pegang his car lagi.Yang bestnya bila daddy agak nak angkat masuk bilik, terjaga dia and tetap nak bawa juga keta tu tidur sama. Daddynye mengalah le malam ni.Ni maintain lagi layan tengok citer Pirates of The Carribean. Tapi mata dah layu.
Ni step pertama bila agaknya mata dah nak buka pun tak mampu..tapi tangan tetap maintain pegang keretanya.

Ha..lil Adam akhirnya tertidur juga tapi tangan tetap maintain dengan keta mainannye..macam le ada budak kecik lain kat rumah ni nak amek toy dia..cheh.

Jan 30, 2009

2 months..masa dia dah 9 months baru aku berani mandikan dia. Perasan or not kulit dia taklah ireng sangat if compare mas dia kecil dulu..ni 7 months dah.
When he was 10 months old..masa ni baru nak belajar berjalan...takut-takut lagi so we often bawa dia ke lake garden to walk on the grass..if jatuh pun tak sakit sangat.
My Lil Adam Muqriz dari 2 months old to 7 months to 10 months. I intentionally post this entry because this morning he woke up a bit early (0530) as I was preparing to go to work. He was a bit fussy and crying to be lifted. I can't afford to do that as I was a bit late myself. So I raised my voice a bit and ordered him to sit on the bed. Terisak-isak dia panjat katil and terus quiet once he sat on the bed. I went out from the bedroom to take my uniform from the other room and when I came back, he was asleep. Rasa kesian sangat when I looked at his face. But I have to make him understand that I can't lift him and lay with him on the bed in the morning as I have to go to work. He does understand that coz when I ask him "where's daddy?" and his reply was "daddy work". Sometimes je dia akan jadi macamni. I really hate to scold him early morning but sometimes he just need to be reminded, I guess.

Hari ni ramai yg menyapa bertanya apa yg tak kena dengan kakiku. Disebabkan aku berjalan seperti ketam pada hari ini..huhuhu..nak diberitahu malu jugaklah sebab orang lain pun pergi ke gym juga tapi taklah sampai dah jadi macam ketam macam aku ni. Nilah akibatnya setelah meninggalkan rutin ni sekian lama. Sejak-sejak selepas melahirkan Adam ni, rasa malas menyebabkan aku langsung tak menjenguk gym. Masa pregnant dulu pun lebih rajin berlari di atas treadmill sampailah bila dah masuk bulan ke 4 baru stop sebab kerap mengah.
Semalam was the turning point la gitu..coz dah masuk dlm list azam Tahun Baru, aku nak kembali slim and fit. Takpelah..anggap jelah kesakitan dan ketidak selesaan hari ini adalah untuk kegembiraan pada masa hadapan.
Gym yg dituju oleh kitaorang (I and my juniors) memanglah tak ramai orang. Untuk semalam adalah dua orang jek body builders tengah 'mengasah' otot. Apart from us, memanglah tak de pengunjung lain. Since takde apa-apa fees yg perlu dibayar (free aje masuk guna), rugilah if tak digunakan sepenuhnya kan? Aku rasa serik dah perasaan menyesal ni...macam nak mencari accessible pool yg free kat sini la. Masa di Lumut dulu punyalah besar swimming pool yg ada dan free..tapi jarang sangat aku manfaatkan. Bila nak cari pool sekarang, barulah rasa menyesal. Dah tak ada gunanya lah kan? Melainkan jika aku berpindah ke Lumut kembali.

Jan 29, 2009

I'm still stuck to my pc at the office..going over some work to be amended while blog hopping. Well, my working hours had long ended but I decided to stay back so that I could go straight to the gym after Asar prayer.If I go back, insyaallah I'll sleep this evening and as I said previously, I want my old figure back.
As I visit blogs and read peoples' thoughts and wondering about their lives, I am perturbed with the red alert. ( I use my own broadband and lappie yah..not using Government's spending)
I wonder, in the world of modernization and exceptional thinking and smart mind...ada lagi orang yg bahagia dengan mencaci seranah orang lain publicly. Ada blog yang menghadkan visitor kerana orang-orang yg exceptional 'rajin' ini. I agree with certain opinions that a personal blog which belongs to somebody deserve a due respect selagi that person tidak menghina, memburukkan, mengaibkan anyone ataupun menyebabkan political or religious disturbances. If the person wants to talk about her or his new ride, or about his or her latest branded items, those are not crime, aren't they? If they want to show off that they have money to waste pun its their right.
For me, to be able to comment on the writing is for sharing...bukannya menghentam tulisan ataupun luahan rasa hati seseorang individu. If you don't like what you're reading then just leave...nobody will force you to stay and read. It is agreed that we're free to do or write anything as the blog is for public view...but as a people with rich culture and adab sopan...do respect other peoples's opinion.That's my two cent opinion.
This conversation took place yesterday while hubby was driving as we went to the night market.
Before this conversation started, we talked about principles and about being truthful so since hubby said he will only tell the truth, I drilled him with these;
I: Do you think I'm cute and beautiful and charming?
H: Yes.
I: Am I garang (fierce)?
H: You're strict, not fierce.
I: Do you think I'm fat?
H: You're chubby, not fat.
I: Do you think I'm a workholic?
H: You're passionate about your work.
I: Was it love at the first sight with me?
H: Yup,definitely...I already wanted to know more about you on the second day.
I: Have I reached 'Isteri Mithali' status yet?
H: Not yet dear.
I: Am I a good wife?
H: Yes you are.
I: But you said I'm not Isteri Mithali yet?
H: Sayang..'Isteri Mithali' includes several aspect...sifat, agama, tingkah laku, percakapan. As I said..if it's not the truth..I will say so..you're a perfect wife but you also have several to work on to be that.
I: okayy (so I was so quiet after that, thinking deeply about what hubby said)
It end up with hubby appologizing endlessly for unintentionally hurting my feelings...sedangkan I'm not hurt at all...I was just thinking and musing about what he said. Alahai...

Jan 28, 2009

What's the big deal when you lost about 2 kg or your waist and hip reduced for 2 inches? Tell me that if you are skinny winny like weed (no offense intended) but if you were size 2 and beginning to realize that size 2 is just up to your tight...2 kg or 2 inches really mean a lot.
I used to be skinny and I have no worry over which clothes will look disgracefully tight nor 'too much' content to fill a not much space (If you know what I mean). After I gave birth to Adam, my weight rocketed due to minimum exercise because of my c-sec. My tummy looked hideously flabby (Even my eyes can't stand to watch it) and not to mention my tights at all.Eventhough I follow all the rules during my confinement days very strictly, my bulging tummy is still there. Although I still love myself very much and still have amounts of confidence, deep down I feel depressed. As I have to wear a uniform, the tension and depression become unbearable. It's because when a person wear a uniform, she has to look smart and the uniform must fit her just nicely without any bulging (this is purely my opinion, not a fact). Seriously, I feel depress with my weight.
Certain people depend on their spouse to have the drive to be nicely shape as the critism works better than anything but my hubby seems to be happy with my shape and said he doesn't mind if I'm fat and flabby but healthy rather than slim and slender but unhealthy. Clearly I cannot depend on him to give me a push can I?
What make me really DO IT? I guess it's because whenever I look for blouse or trousers and my jeans in my wardrobe, I have a limited choice although my wardrobe is full. That's the gloomy experience. I aim to be in the right size, healthy and comfortable with my appearance. It's not hard, I come to realize but to be disciplined in chosing the right meal is quite a challenge.
So we (the three of us at the office) are trying a dietry programme which suit each purposes. I'm glad I don't have to suffer hunger nor quitting fast food by joining the programme.
Above all, exercise is still the main regime for a healthy and tonned body. No matter how many or expensive programme you follow, it'll goes in the drain if you never exercise.

Jan 27, 2009

During the long holiday...aktiviti di rumah ni memanglah tak banyak. Thought of going out for a picnic but when we went out to Giant yesterday and had to suffer a slow moving and congested road from Teluk Kemang (where we live) until the roundabout, I have had enough. So, nak keluar pun kena tunggu sampai lewat petang when people are thinning out from PD. Since terperuk je kat rumah, lil Adam memanglah sangat boring and mula la merengek-rengek. But apa nak buat kan since mommy and daddy malas nak bersesak dengan orang. I work out a 'project' of my own while hubby is busy with his work..in fact he's been busy since the start of the holiday. Adam? owh well..he's busy too...doing work for mommy to work on later on.

I know, our activity seem a bit dull for other people but after a hectic working week, a long holiday is good for us to rest and just to chill at home. At least 4 days at home together will cover a week of non exist communication between us.
The 'project' sebelum memasuki oven..since hubby sangat suka cheesey pasta maka kita lebihkanlah atas permintaan.

Nilah hasilnya...not bad for me yang sangatlah jarang masak. And komen dari diri sendiri..I should put some pineapple for a taste. Will try again next time. Nilah our lunch for today.Adam dah polish pasta dlm 3 keping dah munching just like that.

Ni pulanya kerja hubby sepanjang cuti. Ngadap lappie buat kerja. What work he's doing?

Err...boleh faham tak kerja yg dibuat hubby nih? what I could say about this is..the graph looks nice with the colors..hahahaha...hopeless la I ni kan?

Jan 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Most people head back to their hometown since Friday.Around my house pun suasana sunyi without budak-budak Politeknik yg merupakan penghuni majority at this area. Cuti panjang kan. Jadinya semua ambil peluang to go back or to go for holiday. We are at home because I'm on duty as a field officer this week which mean I have to be in station or within 45 km from the camp. Taklah kemana-mana jawapnya masa long holiday ni. But since people are flocking to PD, rasa macam bercuti jugaklah bila berada disini.
Masa duty ni perkara-perkara yang tak diingini la didoakan tidak berlaku. Like accident or AWOL or whatever case la. If anything happen then memanglah tak aman dan penatlah sesiapa yang bertugas. Pernah juga I experienced with accident cases, even murder case masa bertugas. Dahlah tak dapat bercuti di kampung like everyone else kan so I really hope situation will remain calm and peaceful until the end of the week. Amin.
We are at home this week so ada la masa untuk tengok-tengok cobweb kat ceiling and lap the dust yg cantik hias my almari dan segala perhiasan. The clothes kat atas katil yg dah membentuk banjaran gunung tu je yg belum settle. Rasanya by tomorrow hilang la ditarah kut. Itu pun if angin rajin bertiup kencang la.If sekadar sepoi-sepoi bahasa..alamat bertangguh lagi la.

Jan 21, 2009

There are days when I appreciate changes and restructure of certain aspects in life. When we are complacent with everything, then we're dangerously idle with improvement. But sometimes we feel uncomfortable with the changes as we have to thread in the unknown ground which could be dangerous and risky.
As I contempleting the situation here and musing over what should be done to accept the changes with an open heart...changes keep coming and going.
And I'm tired of following it, I should just quit it.hahahahaa..forgive me I'm tired;mentally and physically.

Jan 20, 2009

He's not feeling well yet so everly active jumping here and there.Nampak macam tak sakit pun bila nengok terlompat sana sini but when night comes then barulah demamnye tiba...hailah..macam-macam la my lil Adam ni. So we walked him to the playground to burn his maybe extra energy. Conveniently the playground is just infront of our house but sometimes is a bit of inconvenience when Adam look out from the glass door and point to it and want us to let him out...which is NO WAYYY...coz of the merciless drivers over here who drive blindly. Each time we let him out, we have to really run after the lil guy coz he is pretty fast...tapi mommy nye tak kurus gak. So kita layan gambor-gambor nye di playground depan rumah...mommy being bored and decided to snap pics. Ni le technique yg diajar daddy..orang naik through the steps, dia amek shortcut.
daddy yg syok sama
after keletihan naik turun slide layan naik swing lak..
Ni last stop dia...disuruhnya mommy naik at the other end...tak semenggah punya anak.
So..ada tak rupa orang sakit? hehehehe...

Jan 18, 2009

Tag from Aishah

"The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people."
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Jan 16, 2009

Of all Secret Recipe's outlet, we like the one at Lukut, PD for one reason, no crowd.hahaha..don't get me wrong, I do socialize and I do like to meet people but sometimes (especially when I'm not in the mood or I'm really hungry), I do hate crowded places and tend to avoid these places. Rasanya semua orang camtu kut. If dapat makan dengan aman tanpa perlu rasa bersalah lepak lama-lama untuk finish up the food, I feel so glad. For those yg kenal me maybe tahu I'm a slow eater. Kena savor the feeling, texture,taste of the food baru terasa lengkap meal yg dimakan tu.If not rasa cam tak makan jek. Anyway, back to the real reason, kat Lukut ni, SC dia memang jarang ada orang. Jadinya we feel more comfortable and sometimes even datang in track bottoms lagi. Adam pun ada lebih banyak peluang nak explore the area as dia tak ganggu sesiapa. Mommy and Daddy Adam pun dapat makan dgn tenang..as seen in the pics below, Adam is enjoying every second of it.Layanlah gambor-gambor dibawah..

Jan 15, 2009

As promise

This entry is long overdue...disebabkan kesibukan tuan rumah ni. But a promise is a promise so here goes...
Inilah yg diterima oleh I masa bowling tourney that day...mantap lagi dasyat kan? Nilah hasil hatrik longkang yang dibuat oleh I dan menjadi idola semua orang..hahaha..

Kapt Sukyme cam tahu jek gelaran ni akan disandang oleh empunya blog ni so dibuatnya chess plague nih which memanglah menjadi idaman kalbu ku. So kepada yang lelain yang nak main next time..agak-agak tak dapat No 1 - 5 tu..if nak hadiah jugak maka buatlah seperti apa yg daku telah lakukan...dapatlah hadiah.Tak kira la apa yg tertera kat situ kan..coz itu boleh aje di adjust.hehehe..

Jan 14, 2009

Holiday is so fun it usually does not last forever.

The last leg of last year's holiday was real fun albeit tiring because of the hot weather. Even Adam knew it's holiday as he was happier,chattier and extra energetic. I guess that's the price we have to pay being a working parents. He got what he wants I guess...attention for 24 hours from his parents. So we have to save up a bit this year for another series of holiday getaways.