Aug 22, 2007

cherita hidup

susah senang hidup,macam pasang surut laut..macam desah ombak membadai pantai...ada ketika hidup ni susah..terlalu payah..ada ketika senang..mudah segalanya.

Jul 30, 2007

Main player is not always the best because..

I've learn a painful lesson today..though I thought I had done my super best to comply with the orders..yelah..I ni kan yg terima orders..and execute the orders.walaupun sometimes orders directed are nonsense.

Office any level is a headache.I thought by escaping teaching at school, I'm celebrating a freedom ( with a limit of course) to exercise my knowledge and experiences ( as little as it is).

But hold and behold..I am amidst the worse of it kind.

Well, my title describe it in a way..because of the politic, everything is possible.

Jul 25, 2007

Walking whites

When I think about it..I should wear my uniform too.Then I can save up A LOT!!.