Feb 20, 2011

Dah seminggu berlalu and am counting days to meet my family. Pathetic it may sound to many but yeah..being apart is not easy. I call Adam 2 times a day and it is still not enough. He is missing daddy more when I'm not around it seems. Pelik kan..patutnya rindukan I la but dah terbalik jadinya. Whenever I call, he'll ask me to ask his daddy to call him. He even asked tokwan for daddy's phone number so that he could call daddy. I guess all those while when I ada, dia distracted with many things so dia rindu dia pada daddy tu kurang la..but when I'm not around and he has times to think about daddy, tu yang sampai merajuk tak mau cakap ngan I bila daddy dia tak call.
Am not that happy as I may look as I have to think about the little heart I left at home. I guess it is a challenge in weeks ahead as I'll be starting my class tomorrow. I hope I'll be given strong heart and will to go through this. Insyaallah.

Feb 15, 2011

From Laverton to Point Cook and Dandeenong

Since this week we are still on ARPF(Administration and Reception Period Familiarisation), kelas belum bermula. Everything is sorted out during this week like logistic needs, registration and books. Oh yeah, nama pun student kan jadinya adalah buku-buku tebal yg perlu dibaca. Many are wondering what i'm doing here. Well, I'm attending English Teaching Development Course and this course is a 3 month course. Under the MAJDP or Malaysia Australia Joint Defence Programme, we are sponsored by the ADF (Australia Defence Forces) to do this course. Alhamdulillah, yes I'm lucky enough to be sent to attend this course. Bukan apa...selalunya those yang from TESL line memang tak dihantar for this course sebab they said it's a waste of money since we are going to learn what we had learnt. Tapi yelah..I graduated back in 2002..and now is 2011..changes and improvement have been going on and we have to keep abreast with the latest style of teaching kan?
Okay..enough of what am doing here. Nak cerita sebelum ni tak boleh la sebab last minute cancellation pun boleh jadi..hahaha..mau beria cerita tiba-tiba tak datang sini..
Since there are plenty of Malaysian here, rasanya harini je tak de lawatan ke rumah-rumah. Semalam berjalan ke Point Cook ke rumah Seconded Officer di sini and after we had marvellous laksa, roti jala, red beans bun and corn pudding (fuh...calories), we went to Dandeenong to another friend's house..and of course makan lagi..the day before we went all the way to Port Sea to another Seconded Officer. Wife dia masak grilled lamb (I tak makan lamb so tak tau la rasa camane), sambal udang..sebab dia stay dekat dengan laut..near to Port Phillip..udangnya besar okay..yummy..soup yg sedap..makan dengan sambal kicap and ice cream...
Terpaksa la ke gym and berlari petang tu nak bakar all the calories accumulated. So, memang la sangat terjaga makan we all ni..and makan di Mess pun sedap juga..hahaha..sebab halal jadinya memang tak de masalah makan.My plan is to lost another 10 kg..tengok macamana pencapaian nanti..dengan dugaan makan sedap-sedap ni..

Feb 13, 2011

Alhamdulillah I arrived safely at around 2045H Melbourne time..dalam jam 1745 la waktu Malaysia. After cleared from the Immigration process yang sangat lama sebab ramai orang, we were lucky terus jumpa driver yg sedang menunggu. After daftar and terima kunci dan cards, we borak-borak with Malaysia Seconded Officer here until about 0010 and terus masuk dan mengemas barang-barang keperluan.
For my family, alhamdulillah I'm safe and sound. I'll call you as soon as possible. Love from me.