Jul 12, 2012

Long Hiatus

I do envy busy peoples with extra time to blog.How do they manage their time yes?I am not that busy-making-millions type of person but masih lagi terkial nk juggle my time.
As usual,my long absence is due to my failure to manage my time properly to accomodate working,studying,managing a household,being a driver and dot dot dot.
Anyway,the latest reason is the olde morning sickness malady.Alhamdulillah.One sickness that bring smile to every married couple in the world.
When we are ready to accept the fate bestowed upon us to have only Adam..we are again blessed with the good news. I keep on reminding myself in between throw ups,splitting headache,backache and heartburn that this is for a good cause and Allah granted our prayers.
I will update on the journey when I feel much much and much better and not tempted to hit the nearest pillow when the sun goes down.
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