Mar 29, 2011

Frustrated..I'm burning holes on the notes as well as the computer staring at the words and trying very hard to digest its meanings. At last (frustrated and nearly giving up and searching for other materials), I went out with the other ladies to the mess. I don't really want to have dinner but I just want to have that long walk from our house to the mess to clear up my mind...hoping I could focus on my tasks afterward. Thanks to a gorgeous looking New Zealander, I had a good laugh with the ladies..well, I'm not looking at him and trying to get his attention (the fish on my plate look more tempting and delicious to me) but he happened to sit at our table. I had a good discussion with one Pacific Islander sitting in front of me while my ladies friends were attempting to listen to his conversation with the two guys from Laos. I guess he noticed their interest and announced (out of context as my friend said) that he misses his fiancee. Upon hearing it, the two ladies shut off their antenna and focused on their meals..hahaha..

While walking back, we histerically recollect the moment he looked at us when we were at the lounge drinking coffee after we had dinner. I have to admit he is a good looking guy...and the ladies are right to have starry eyes...hahaha. But we don't want to be blame for any harrassment issue..though as I said to my friends, we could always blame that for being the ETDC students, we are now not in our right mind.

Sigh..sigh...where am I just now? reading materials are still on my table waiting for me. I finally decided to go through it one step at one time since I have plenty of time. I'll finish with analysing the 4 articles tonight and continue with the tasks tomorrow and the activities the day after. On friday, I'll have to concentrate on the CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Programme overview and by Saturday, I'll finish half of my task..Insyaallah.

I have to go out on Saturday because I have to buy few necessities for the coming Bush Camp and on Sunday we'll be driving to East Sale. Pilot is going there for his target course and we'll miss another good friend...hmm...not so great week but perhaps a good weekend? We should see, shouldn't we?

Our Pilot is going away soon and we will miss another good and reliable company

My classmates from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand

p.s. I miss my Adam and my family too.

Mar 27, 2011

Assignment menimbun tinggi memanggil-manggil minta disiapkan tapi tuan rumah rasa sangat malas nak membaca articles dan journals dihari minggu. Semalam seharian berjalan mencuci mata (sedang berlangsung F1 di melbourne minggu ni jadi bandar melbourne sangat padat dengan manusia semalam and harini juga) di sekitar South Warf dan terus naik train ke rumah sepupu pilot di Carrum. Kami cuma diberitahu ada makan-makan tapi tak la menduga rupanya ada birthday party for darling Hazimi yg genap setahun..aduhai..segan sungguh bertandang kerumah orang yg baru first time tu jumpa tanpa bawa apa-apa. Nak masak pun bukannya kami ni berdapur kan. Cuaca semalam agak sejuk dan menambah degree of 'kelaparan'...bila ramai Malaysian berkumpul..faham ajelah..sedap bersembang dan sedap juga menyuap makanan.

Di Base pula, memang sudah dimaklumkan awal-awal lagi..adanya gangguan elektrik selama 2 hari (Sabtu dan Ahad) for maintainance purpose. Saya sampai kerumah semalam dalam jam 11 malam and by then dah ada elektrik...kalau takde alamatnya tak tidur la dek kesejukan.Harini saya keseorangan di rumah sebab another 3 housemates pergi ke Temple for routine prayer. Sehabis basuh baju and lipat baju, kemaskan fail dan baca sikit-sikit for kelas next week..

Next week dah minggu terakhir bulan March..dan April yg sangat ditunggu-tunggu bakal tiba. Tapi yg agak kurang best sebab kena fikirkan banyak submission bulan April. Research Paper juga kena submit sehari selepas cuti panjang..aduhai...jadinya, in order to be able to bergembira dengan hati senang masa cuti nanti, kenalah bekerja keras dari sekarang dan siapkan kerja lebih awal. Mampukah??? crows dah mula banyak...petanda Autumn? hmm..suka betul melepak atas lampu..bila hari-hari mendung tu..sangat rasa crow and gray sky.

view from outside my room..kes boring la ni.

Lone flower still blooms in the midmorning..tatau ada lagi or not in another 2 weeks.

Mar 19, 2011

This week saya demam. Started on thursday dah start feeling feverish and getting worse on Friday. At last, I requested to go back to my room and sleep. Bangun je tidur petang friday tu..woooo..tekak rasa swollen. But hari Jumaat tu birthday my junior yg sedang course sekali with me so tak mau la jadi party pauper kan..kesian amoi tu first time sambut birthday here. After few snaps and melantak cake yg sangat sedap (made by our seconded officer's wife), dengar ghost story and main game, I masuk tidur after telan another 2 panadols. The season is changing and I think it is the main reason. Lagipun dengan penat berjalan ke Sydney and homeworks yg banyak, tak membantu badan untuk rehat. Next week is another challenging week.Dah start sumamtive assessment dah..I'm praying for the best..Insyaallah.

The whole gang albeit Wasito from Indonesia

Blue from Vietnam with me

Finally Wasito made it (Far left)

Mar 16, 2011

Here and There

I love my blog so much and if I don't write that often, it really means something..of course, in my case now I'm terribly busy adjusting my life as a student (full time from 0800-1700). I have so much thing to share, from great experience of going places, our 6th Anniversary and Japan earthquake which resulted the tsunami and becoming a major concern everywhere in the world.
My heart and prayer go to all Japanese and also Malaysians who are there.
Trying to be strong at this dark moment, prayer and helps are the most needed by the people in Japan. Be strong and Insyaallah, our prayers will be answered.
Right now, I'm sitting at my desk trying to recall back events and memories of the past. Having a small gap in between meals and preparation for tomorrow's classes. The should I describe it? When I have no time for my beloved blog..hubby said it should be quite challanging for me. a way I agree with him. Of course, I am doing my Master and I attended AELIC in USA so those really help me with this course. I think what really tiring me every day are the amount of input and also the micro teaching sessions which I really detested.
But I have a fair share of fun (going to places I would never have chance if not because of this course). I had the most tiring driving experience when we travelled for 2000km from Melbourne to Sydney by car. That was the greatest miles I ever did. Then we had the experience of being up close and personal with Sydney Opera House..spent there almost hours horsing around and being lunatic. We drove back and enjoy the 12 Apostles which I think so amazing and wonderful. Our 6th Anniversary came on the 12 th March and hubby called and sms me beautiful words and I truly feel touched. This year we have to make do with simple wishes but very meaningful nevertheless. I'm looking forward April because my husband , son and sister will come here and we'll have fun exploring Melbourne together. I feel sad everytime I go somewhere because I would love to have my beloved together with me.
All in all, please pray for all peoples who are suffering a great deal. may they will be given strength and will. Enjoy the pictures and insyaallah will post an update when I have free time.