Dec 30, 2009

Tak tahu nak mulakan dari mana untuk simpulkan kehidupan sepanjang 2009. Suka, duka, ketawa gembira, menangis duka dan geram...macam-macam yg berlaku sebenarnya. Our life is full of colors...dull, brilliant, calm, happy, angry sepanjang tahun ini (cuma beberapa hari nak berpaut pada 2009).
Tahun 2010, saya akan mulakan tanpa resolution. Bukanlah saya orang yg tidak berazam atau tak punya cita-cita untuk move forward. Saya sekadar mahu muhasabah diri ini sepanjang tahun. Saya nak mencari dimana ruang yg perlu saya perbaiki dan apa yg perlu saya tingkatkan lagi sebagai usaha untuk menjadi lebih cemerlang.
Di tahun 2009 we lost a baby and hopefully akan dikurniakan seorang lagi untuk lebih melengkapi our small family ni.
Apa pun, 2009 akan ditinggalkan dengan penuh kenangan dan ingatan...tahun 2010 dinanti dengan debaran. Apa rancangan Allah swt untuk kita hambaNya....wallahualam.


Dec 27, 2009

Pagi-pagi ni sambil breakfast nescafe (boleh kira breakfast ke ek?), hubby tendang-tendang belon warna merah kepunyaan Adam. Belon ni bukannya dibawa balik dari percutian kami di Genting tapi mommy yg beli tatkala Adam mengamuk nak belon masa kat Giant Kota Damansara...ala yg orang buat pintu gerbang tu..ate, takkan la I nak minta belon yg org buat hiasan tu? Jadi belilah kat Living Cabin tu untuk Adam (panjang kisah belon merah tu rupanya...hehehe). Owh, Adam sekarang tengah bersuka ria di Taiping (tak ingat pun nak tanya Mommy and Daddy-tok la tolong report) since I hantar dia dari hari Jumaat lepas. Sebabnya kitaorang kan nak pindah rumah, banyak la kerja-kerja yg rumit yg melibatkan ketelitian nak kecik tu pula tak tahan habuk...habis naik rashes badan nanti so memikirkan kebajikan anak nan sorang tu, kami bersetuju bagi dia peluang 'bercuti' sakan di kampung.

Balik kepada kisah daddy yg menendang belon si anak tu, I pun keluarkan komen..."Rindu kat Adam ke main-main belon dia tu?" hubby jawab dengan senyuman je. Yelah tu nampaknya. Bukan daddy je yg rindukan Adam...mommy lagi la. Masa drive balik semalam pun rasa kekurangan...sebabnya tiba-tiba takde orang yg bercakap tanya itu ini non stop sepanjang jalan. Selalunya mulut mommy ni penat sangat bila drive...bukan sebab pegang stereng dengan mulut tapi melayan pertanyaan Adam yg pelbagai...macam-macam termasuk la komen dia tentang orang yg berjalan tepi jalan pun..hahahaha...



(apa kes tah mommy letak gambar ni..huhuhu)

Dec 24, 2009

More pics of us at Genting Highlands. Owh, if nak main the outdoor games, jangan la pergi masa musim hujan or hujung tahun like we did. Memang sejuk sangat for the outdoor games..the day we were there, the temperature was 12 c..hehehe. Tapi Adam punye syok nak main, macam tak sejuk aje bagi dia...hehehe. Tapi one day is just not enough to cover the all parks games..hmm..haruskah pergi lagi??? Here we come..we skipped the cable car and we drove up to the peak.

Firstly, get the ticket first..(hubby said such lucky least for us la)

Adamnye fave ialah all games yg 'terbang-terbang macam plane'..huhuhu
Horsey riding with daddy

I purposely put my bag there so that Adam tak push the button yg aan buat the plane turun naik..hahahaha...
Cerita nak naik train ni kan..Adam melalak nak potong que..hahaha..sebab terlalu ramai orang beratur nak bawa train ni pusing-pusing the park dia kena la tunggu lama...mengamuk dia suruh orang ketepi..hehehe..malu tau muka mommymu ini..hehe.
Muka puas hati dapat naik train akhirnya (we all ikut turn ya walaupun anak melalak)

Dia dapat a blue sword from the girl he ngorat (refer to the pic below)..hahaha..the girl was so smitten with him...
Inilah the girl in question..hehehe..notice the pink mitten? that was mine sebelum berlaku rampasan kuasa..hehehe..I guess the girl terpikat dek kerana Adam pakai the pink mitten tu kut.

Finally indoor (mommy sangat bersyukur for the heat) tapi Adam cakap dia panas...huhuu...
Hari ni I went to the office to clear up all my things and to empty my desk since I'll be leaving for good. Punya la banyak junks yg I collected over the years. The presents and cards given by my students, documents I didn't have time to file or throw away, files which I have to pass to the other officer who's taking over my tasks and of course...books..tonnes of books!! Bila dah settle kemas...semuanya muat-muat masuk 3 kotak. I tell you..memang banyak my things at the office so it took about half a day for me to wrap everything up.
Next week will be another new chapter added to my life. I don't know what to expect or feel. I guess, I'll just go and face everything one at a time (itupun if sempat la buat satu persatu). Being a teacher, lecturer, instructor for almost 7 years couldn't prepare me for what I'm going to experience next week. I won't be teaching anymore...I'll do admin and management for my next post. Hopefully I'll face it good and will not freak out..hehehe..
Anyway..put my worry aside, finally I manage to upload the piccas from the camera to my notebook..huhuhu..punyelah malas semenjak balik ni...
Adam after woke up from his slumber, terus main belon.
Used the umbrella to 'kick' the ballon...mana tah dapat idea ni.
Sebab kitaorang lewat sampai, satu je game yg daddy and mommy participated...musical
chair.Mommy berjaya ditempat ke-4 je..tapi daddy managed to bag home hadiah..hehehe.
(notice tak kabus dah makin tebal). Dinner time at the hotel.

Dec 23, 2009

Just before hubby went out to pasar malam (hujan so I and Adam tak ikut),hubby asked Adam;
Daddy: Adam nak makan apa?
Adam: Sup, nasi.
Daddy: Itu je?
Adam: Roti dan jem.
Daddy: Nasi nak tak?
Adam: Nakkk..nasi, sup, roti dan jem.
Daddy: Adam nak berapa?
Adam: Nak dua...(sambil tunjuk 2 jari)
Daddy pandang mommy and we laughed...kelakar la Adam ni. Selera Adam ni unpredictable.Ada masa nak nasi dengan telur aje. Ada masa nak makan sup aje. Tapi so far selera dengan sup ni maintain la. Just kena pelbagai for his selera. Satu je,tak tahan pedas macam mommy...hai la. Ikut lidah jawa daddy memang la boleh tahan pedas tapi if lidah mommy..memanglah.
p.s. gambar di Genting masih dalam camera...sangat malas nak transfer masuk notebook..later la ye. So entry cuti-cuti Genting kena la tunggu juga.

Dec 16, 2009

Sometimes I feel at lost to deal with Adam. No matter how much I read, seeking for advices and opinions...there are times when my sanity and patience are being tested. I tried to understand his needs, his mood, his freedom but sometimes I'm too caught up with this annoying feeling that I'm not doing it right. How would you know what you're doing is right? What if it's not right for your kid although it worked well for other kids?
Everytime he did something wrong, instead of lashing out words of anger, we tried to talk and explain that it were wrong and he shouldn't do it. He used to listen and acknowledged but lately he would cry and refuse to listen.
Lately, instead of addressing himself as Adam to us...he's starting to use the word 'aku'...much to my frustration. I don't want to blame others but he is just a kid and others should know not to use improper words infront of him. We (hubby and I) even stop arguing or toned down our voices if we disagree with each other if he happened to be within the earshot. I even swallowed my *&^%$ words when I am with him.
Now I am afraid ( me pathetic, I don't care) to send him to play school next year. As much as I want him to learn to socialize and learn and make friends...I'm afraid of what he may gets other than the good things.
Last night daddy tried to make the word 'aku' disappear from his vocabulary but by using a method I personally disagree...but I didn't object...keen on making it disappear more than anything but believe me...when we go back today...we'll get to hear it back...hmmmm...
How to handle this ya????

Dec 15, 2009

It seems my brain is doing overtime tasks; thinking, considering, plotting, arranging, planning and lining up all the necessaries. Please note my incapability to find 'extra' free time to do the work accordingly (this month only hopefully). Therefore my body is reacting badly to these activities. I feel more tired than usual and more grouchy.
It doesn't help either when I discovered that the house we will be living at has 8 floor -to- ceiling windows. My eyes (and my head) counting the windows silently and each count bring horror to my humble self. Not to mention the rooms and corners which I will not be surprise if I cari Adam pun tak jumpa.
I didn't take any picture as the house need a good scrub, walls, furnitures and the floor.
Ada sesiapa nak volunteer tenaga? We'll treat you lunch and tea break by the way...hehehe.
The new year is approaching pretty fast. I've decided to make some changes to this blog. Nothing major to boast about, just to please me I should say. Well, changes are good (sometimes) for different perspectives. I'll have to do it bit by bit since I have to prioritize my work.

Oh, we had set the date to move from PD to KL (finally) and it's finally time for me to start working at the new place. They (my new bosses) are anxious for me to start working, they can't wait until early next year so I have to start at the new place by the end of this month. Since my schedule is pretty much full, I'll just have to find time to pack and to tidy up the house. Thank to God we don't have to cuci rumah or whatnot since dah ada orang akan buat. Only one minor setback though. Mana nak letak my furnitures since the house we're gonna stay ni dah fully furnished???Patut jual ke or patut simpan dalam stor (if stor muat all the things la).

Anyway, my parents are coming back tomorrow and we really can't wait to see them. Since I'm attending course (hubby too), we can't apply for leave. Just dapat jumpa di Airport ajelah. Tapi we'll try to go back this Friday (only one day je pun since Sabtu ada kenduri cousin my hubby and we're off to Genting on Sunday).

Should stop writing since I have legal text to read and understand and translate (huhuhuhu).

Dec 12, 2009


A. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet

B. Introduce your wallet brand, price & where you buy.
The brand is Guess and I bought it for $200 at Marcy, somewhere at San Antonio, Texas. I have another one of the same brand tapi sayang nak guna so simpan dulu because itu hadiah dari hubby (sebenarnya dah pernah guna sekejap sebelum bought this one). This one I bought by my own money and dah digunakan hampir 3 tahun. The first layer dah peel off (mungkin tak tahan cuaca disini yang panas). I like black, that's why I chosed it and the design is simple enough for my taste.

C. Take out whatever inside your wallet.
I rarely keep more than RM100 in the purse so I have only small change and I have another small coin purse to put all the coins (my brother bought it for me). I keep what most people keep in their purse...mainly Identification Card, photos, driving license, bank card (I don't keep all my money in the bank which the card I place in the purse),auto card, all sort of membership cards and of course surat nikah (tak ambil lagi card nikah). I don't have any credit cards so none of it in my purse.

D. Tagged other person.
I don't want to specify...whoever want to do it, you're welcome...I do it because I have time to spare/waste (sementara ni la).
I had successfully endured (will this be the right expression?) one week of translation course. It is conducted at ITNM. For those interested, you may want to browse its' website ( for further information. It offers many courses which I find very useful and interesting for personal achievement (berguna juga untuk professional achievement). That was when I felt so small (literally and figuratively of course) when I realize that there are so many things I'm not aware off and things I always take for granted.
I've known for so long that my Bahasa Melayu is not something which I could be proud off (not when off handedly I would said, "Ramainya kereta hari ni") although it is my first language and as a native speaker, I should be very well versed with the language. I am not ashame to admit that I have to learn a lot for a polished Bahasa Melayu. Taklah pelik mana pun since the Mat and Minah Salleh also are not that good in proper English, I may add. The course lead me into a new perspective and I'm beginning to see hope with both languages (B.Melayu and English respectively)...other than hope for a career change also I may add.

Of late, I'm thinking seriously off setting up my own business (guess hubby's passion finally rub off somehow) where I could manage my family at the same time. I have another few years to go in the service and though many expressed their opinion that I would do well in the service, I don't expect more than getting one more rank promotion and annualy increment. I wouldn't say my wish to quit have anything to do with getting more money or being rich. I don't want to be filthy rich...I just want to be able to live comfortably without having to worry about money trouble and able to support those concerned in my life.

The translation course provide another aspect for me to consider. True enough that we have to take years and to be in the right path to be recognised as an established, good and favourite translator but it is not impossible. Nothins is impossible I gather if only we have preserverance and dedication and work hard...insyaallah.

Dec 11, 2009

Yesterday, while we were in between class exercise and 5 mins break, I opened my blog and edited few entries which I saved for later. I have to plan it that way since I am having difficulty with my own time management to find adequate time to write it and post it immedietly. Then my junior who happened to sit beside me for this course made some remark about blog writing. Mostly she said that she will not do it because she feels her life is exclusively hers and shouldn't made available for anyone to read about her daily activites. I usually will let any person express their opinions and will not comment unless they ask for I just keep my mouth shut and continue to write but I made side remarks saying that since the blog is privately owned by me..I myself will decide what is personal and what is not. Takkan if it is personal for me then I purposely put it in the blog kan? Plus, writing a blog will help my brain to keep working to find ideas and in a way, develop my own style of writing...which is good since my work depend on that kan? For example, in this entry...I want to tell about the makan-makan thingy...well, apa yg personalnya if I keluar makan di luar and of course semua orang pun buat kan? I don't know.

Trying to make himself more photogenic...hahaha

Double peace? Yelah...nearly buat mommy threw out the food since he henyak my perut.

Daddy with candy?Why ?
Notice the candy in his hand? Daddy la yg tolong habiskan..huhuhu.

We went to Seremban 2 to buy my shoes (lagi?) and Ain's pants. After the shopping done, terasa lapar pulanya so we headed to Johnny for steamboat since Mak Teh teringin nak makan tapi malangnya penuh and have to tunggu orang habis makan? which like..forever?? Then we decided to go to TCRS because someone was craving for Nasi Ayam but then on our way there, Adam steered into Manhattan Fish Market. I guess he likes it so much when we were celebrating Abg Zahir's birthday that he decided by himself to 'force' his parents (subtly) by going straight to the table...much to our chagrin. Takpelah anakku...demi perut kecilmu itu, kami ikutkan kehendakmu. But the meals was worth it..believe me..hubby kekenyangan sampai refused dessert...hehehehe...

Dec 7, 2009

Ada few entry yang di postponed kerana tak sempat nak upload gambar dan yg halfway kena stop. Paling boring masa menulis blog is when you have to stop and then continue..and then stop again. Sometimes the idea 'mati' camtu je...yelah, ada masa we really into the topic and when we have to stop, the idea might dah berhijrah ke mana-mana tah. I have one more entry pasal my rambling about my little sweetheart tapi for tonight (note: dah morning pun sebenarnya) I would just share about the little shopping I did before I went to Langkawi. Entry Langkawi pun dah posted before kan...hahaha..takpelah.

Since dalam order tulis keperluan membawa long suit maka I decided to get myself a new one la since yg sedia ada memang dah agak lama. So we tried Jusco Kinta City when I was back in Taiping the other day. Takde yg sesuai dan menepati kehendak so we went to G2000 yg sememangnya 'the place' for suit la kan. Memanglah sangat cantik dan ngam-ngam badan tapi tangan pula yg tak ngam coz tangan I ni memang tak sepanjang tangan model kan. Hubby said to just beli je and then hantar tailor for alteration tapi mana la sempat nak jumpa pak tailor lagi dah. Lagipun, beli suit yg boleh merabakkan my purse, then nak kena alter...macam tak berbaloi sangat. So I said nak try kat KL dulu.

After hantar my sis kat her apartment, we went to shop for my suit. If only I know what would happened, tak la aku membazir duit hubby beli suit tu. Though later decided tak rugi in case ada lagi function in future..tapi dek geram kisah Langkawi...tak teringat dah la kan.

This time around I got a suit and 2 blouses yg sama harga dengan sepasang suit sahaja di G2000...hehehe...berbaloi la kut since hubby yg bayar.

Masa we all masuk hari dah petang but when we went out, dah gemerlap dengan lampu-lampu kat christmas trees. Adam sangat excited suruh I take his pics with the tree. Tapi dengan kitaorang sekali menyelit amek gambar kat The Street tu..hehehe. On the way balik, terperasan one actress sedang minum coffee kat sidewalk cafe kat area kitaorang amek gambar. Tapi taklah amek gambarnye...nanti jadi ala paparazzi mamarazzi pulanye.

Gambar yang paling bawah ni diambil just after I resisted the godaan to buy the Body Shop set (tapi beli juga akhirannya di airport..huhuhu)...masa tu rasa so powerful sebab mampu tahan diri tapi bila dah 'terbeli' (haha...boleh ke?) terus rasa tak.
Tapi, instead of beli barang-barang yang tidak dirancang, I mampu kawal diri and stick strictly to what I need rather than what I want. That makes me real proud...hehehe.

Dec 4, 2009

Langkawi was hectic and ever so busy with the once in 2 years event. Traffic was intolerably slow as most drivers opted to use the fast lane rather than the slow one though they were making 45km/j. The exhibitions went on gloriously (anggaran I la) but those who were working behind it know best la. This was my first LIMA experience and though baru first time, I boleh point out banyak perkara. Well, after a lengthy discussion with my senior who share the same opinion..we decided to keep it among us. After all, apalah sangat pendapat kitaorang yg takde kepentingan ni kan?
As i mentioned above, the days spent were hectic so takde kesempatan nak bergambar dan mengambil gambar. I went to Langkawi dah several times dah just not during LIMA je and honestly, LIMA is a good chance to see all beautiful and beastful killing machines, aircrafts and whatnot. The airshow was fantastic I would say.
Above all, I am tired, sunburbed and need good hours of sleep. Hubby yg sangat baik hati telah membeli Stay C-50 Magic Mask dan Super Vitamin E to 'repair' the damage..hehehehe..apa maksudnye ye?
Anyway...gotta get some rest.