Sep 17, 2010

From Far far away mind

Been awhile since the last post. However, I do keep my FB updated. Just to find the mood to write is a bit hard. Owh, I could ramble and babble bout few things but my mind seem to be blocked (another case of block-a-blog-syndrome due to excessive consumption of Raya delicacies). I'm in my last straw of Raya holiday (sadly it does not last forever) and after few consideration, alteration, cancellation..we are still at my parents' house. I spent 2 days of Hari Raya with husband and In Laws. Of course touring all (maybe not all..just an exaggeration from my part..haha) relatives from hubby's side. Then, we drove back to Taiping for a short break before we continued the journey to Kedah. We spent 2 days at Alor Setar and although I still didn't get the chance to eat the so sedap bihun sup at Hutan Kampung nor Laksa Teluk Kechai, we got to eat the most fab BBQ. Of course, been kipased by hubby but marinated by Makcik Nurul, it were from our own dapur la kan. But we (hubby and I collaborated) cooked pasta and spag bol for breakfast hokay...and superbly licked and finished in a record time (kan kan kan hubby?).
The remaining days are spent at Taiping...lazying and recuperating (hubby demam so we HAVE TO cancell the sooo awaited trips..hukhukhuk). Takpe, as I said to hubby, the happiness of holidaying is not that much compared to the happiness of seeing him back to good health. We could still go next time he comes back for holiday (April nun..hehe)..and he could give the money intended for the holidaying to me to use (HAHAHA). Taiping is as usual..raining here and there so the laziness is soooo engulfing me (malas nak back to work).
Raya pictures are still in my Nikon and still rasa lazyyyyzzzzzz to upload. I'll just share few pics from my sisters hp la ye. And since dari HP maka quality agak malap sket (Sorry Awa..hehehe).
Maybe not too late for me and family to wish all muslims, family and friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. We ask for forgiveness for any wrong doing and any mistake we intentionally and unintentionally made. May your forgiveness will be rewarded by Allah Subhanahu Wataala.

Sep 6, 2010

Bizarre ramblings to cure my homesickness

Hari minggu lepas I balik Klang with Adam. Banyak betul persoalan dia sebelum dia terlelap. Itu pun masih boleh cakap, "Eh, Adam tertidur la pula mommy". Although dia tahu we were going back to umah atuk..still ayat fave dia sejak 2 minggu ni popped up lagi. "Kita nak pergi airport amek daddy eh mommy?". Belum lagi sayang weh. Daddy sampai hari selasa, Insyaallah. So, ulang la procedure kira jari.
Hari hubby sampai I rasa nak bawa camera I boleh share camane gaya Adam jumpa daddy..hehehe.
Yang kureng sket, tekak dah start perit dari semalam. Since 'cuti' puasa (huh..jenuh la nak membayornye nanti) maka bergelen air mineral I minum. Kat pejabat tinggal I je (anak buah sorang duty harini) so every 5 mins minum air so that badan always hydrate dan supaya tak demam la harapnya.
Insyaallah awal pagi ni (around jam 12 tengahari waktu Malaysia), Hubby bertolak dari Airport di Kinshasha. Connecting flight di Dubai and terus ke KLIA. If takde delay or apa-apa aral, we'll meet at the airport tomorrow evening.
Semalam I tinggalkan Adam di Klang. Beramai dengan cousins dia. Berat juga hati nak tinggal tapi kesiankan atuk nenek yg lama tak jumpa dia so I kuatkan semangat drive balik sorang malam tadi. Malam tadi memang susah la nk lelap mata. Memang bila Adam takde, I susah la nk tidur (mengada ye).
Jalan raya dah start lengang sket walaupun masih lagi banyak kereta (ehmm..betulkah ayat nih?) yelah, if tak beratur panjang tunggu traffic light kira dah kurang la jumlah kereta kan? So, I guess ramai yg dah memulakan perjalanan balik kampung. Kisah my Ibu kat rumah pula, tengah feeling feeling sebabnya anak-anak dia yg ramai semuanya balik malam raya. Tolak I la sebab turn rumah mentua tahun ni. Tinggal adik bongsu kitaorang je yg nk tolong mengemas rumah (itupun if dia tolong la). Lagi sedih dia sebab the only cucu yg ada pun cuma akan balik raya ketiga. Ayah lagi lawak..boleh lupa (atau buat-buat lupa ayah ni?hehehe) yg anak sulungnye dan cucu tunggalnye (so far) tak balik beraya di kampung tahun ni.
Sedih juga le tak dapat sambut raya pertama dengan parents dan adik beradik sendiri tapi kena adil dalam berkongsi kasih...mak mentua saya juga sedang bersedih sebab ni la raya pertama tanpa arwah nenek. I think yang excited maybe Adam la..haha..sibuk dengan shopping baju dia nak raya sampailah dia nk pergi sembahang raya (keep on reminding me that!!) dan hubby (sebab tak perlu bersedih diperantauan makan ubi kayu ganti lemang dan rendang..gehgehgeh).

Sep 5, 2010

Spag is his all time fav. Nasi sangat susah nak telan..susah tekak western ni.

I had bought Adam's clothes earlier (first week of Ramadhan I think) and Tok is finalizing his Baju Melayu. By right, preparation for him should had completed. But when I tried his pants again today before I wash it for him to wear on Hari my surprise and dismay, the pants seem to shrink!!!!That was the pants I bought only last week!! And here I thought he is not growing since he is very choosy when it comes to food. So, again, we have to hunt for his pants today (and since it is week before Raya, what choice do we have left?). I can't just wait until daddy comes back since we have to shop for daddy's things too and mommy's.
So he has, like..5 pants altogether now? Daddy,please don't be mad as we are spending your money outrageously but I am certain you know how it is to shop with Adam on tow and with Ain and me only to handle him and the shopping. We have to choose the easiest shop to go and the first that came to sight. No matter what brand right?
So although I applied the tips of buying clothes for growing up kids..Adam's still outgrown his. Not to mention shoes..(owh..headache!!). Now he is wearing a 4-5 years old kid's pants and shirt, depending on the brand. I guess when he is 5 year old, maybe he'll be wearing 6-7 year old kid's pants and shirt la??
Well okay..I'm not complaining (alhamdulillah for his growth although he seems to be eating next to nothing) but is amaze at his growth spurt..He is not getting any chubbier but you can bet getting higher each day. My little Adam is not so little anymore.

Sep 3, 2010

It's contagious..the merriment, the upbeat feelings, the whole excitement of celebrating Eid Mubarrak soon. Muslims and Non Muslims alike, are busy with shopping. The shopping complexes are abuzz with the spirit (income) of Eid Mubarrak. Here and there we could always find something that associate with the celebration. Radio stations are also contributing the excitement by playing the Raya songs. You can't tune to the channels not wishing to hear Raya song...unless you choose other non mainstream channels la.
Maybe I'm excited over something totally non related with Raya. How come? It comes when I have to work during Hari Raya and the second Hari Raya as well. So, those who are staying overseas and also have to work during the Eid..well, I'm in Malaysia and I also have to work on that days. It doesn't matter of where you are right? But the responsibility come first. If I have to work on that particular days, so be it then.
I'm just lucky, my In Laws are from Selangor so I could still celebrate it after work...okay..those staying overseas, I take back my word since I still have families around here so we are not alone and wetting each other shoulders while listening to the takbir.
I'm excited over hubby's arrival. Soon...very soon. Adam wakes up everyday asking to go to the airport to fetch daddy and I have to go over the routine of counting my fingers with him, sometimes at 2 am. Luckily the counting is very short and he is asleep by the time I finished counting.
Of course, Raya or not, everyday's life must keep on moving. Business, transaction, services and every single aspects of life must go on. So, those who are on leave to celebrate it, should feel lucky to get the opportunity while others who are left behind continue doing the jobs so that life is still cycling around. Appreciate those who stay behind while you are enjoying the lemangs, ketupats and whatnot.
Of course it will goes without saying, please be human with feelings while you are on the road. Drive carefully and patiently. Stop whenever you fell tired and sleepy as those are the causes of a tragedy.
I'm not going to wish Happy Eid Mubarrak just yet. Insyaallah soon but I do wish everyone a safe journey back. Happy Balik Kampung!!.