Jul 30, 2009

I got a degree in TESL from a university..mind you, Universiti Malaya nonetheless. My degree is recognised from any institution and I applied my postgrad programme by using my degree qualification. If I got a degree in TESL and doing a master programme in TESL...could it possible for me to be an engineer???? I mean..obviously my field of interest and specialization would be TEACHING ENGLISH right? So, what would it means by, "That's why you're an English Teacher and not an engineer!"
My intellectual was insulted..I don't know whether or not that person realized it. All these while I was sent to do Language Courses locally and overseas because I am an English teacher cum Instructor cum Office Manager cum Warden cum Social Worker cum Discipline teacher and what not la. I am not an engineer but my hubby is and the way we think is different in many things. Being subjective is my speciality and please don't blame me on this...because this is a gift from GOD. If my husband ever try to be subjective when he is an objective type of person..he'll fail miserably. That's why I never say to him "That's why you're an engineer and not an English teacher". Another thing is...where the person be today if not for his english teacher???If may ask...Damn I'm angry and annoyed and insulted!!!

I feel lightheaded with relief today. Firstly because today is Thursday and it means only one thing to us; hubby is coming back tomorrow. Adding to the relief, he's coming back for good after attending a month and half course..lega. Secondly because I finished marking hundred or so essay writing paper..a real big sigh!! Sakit kepala membaca handwriting yg pelbagai jenis, not including all bizarre ideas and sentences. Finally because it's Thursday and tomorrow is Friday (obviously la kan?) and after week of working until late evening and at night, I get a chance to go back early ;)

We have quite a number of activities this week, namely physical training, bowling game, hi-tea and ceramah Isra' Mikraj. Yesterday we had bowling game and since I still can't play (and I'm not that keen on playing bowling anyway) it yet, I only attended as an observer..hehehe..I went with Adam since I promised him yesterday when he asked to play at the playground and I didn't allow him. I think he enjoyed the outing no matter where...then off we go for grocer shopping but since my iron-man tak balik lagi nak haul all the heavy groceries..I cuma beli makanan Adam je.

Balik rumah dulu since Adam dah poo masa kat supermarket, bath him and put him in pyjamas then off to pasar malam for his nasi ayam. Then Adam tidur awal..hehehe..after dinner, he finally slept at 8.30pm. Mommy then have time to fold the clothes, mop the floor, read the articles and finished reading the articles at 10 pm. But Adam woke up 3 times during the wee hour complaining aching leg..and requested mommy to put the oinment and urut his leg..hmm..mommy woke up tired and sleepy this morning..duh..

Jul 28, 2009

Hobby mommy memang suka ambil gambar adam..other than gambar daddy. Onced mommy said to daddy, beza gambar yg mommy ambil dengan yg daddy ambil ialah if mommy ambil gambar, yg paling banyak mesti gambar adam and gambar daddy. These two person la yg paling mommy sayang..of course selain dari family mommy sendiri. I think my life will be very empty without these two guys.
Adam sekarang banyak berubah dari dulu. Dah pandai main sendiri..kurang kacau mommy buat kerja although ada masa ada juga la 'angin' mengacau tu. Dari menjerit-jerit marah to kurung dlm bilik to explain things to him...hanya 2 cara yg nampaknya berkesan dlm mendidik kedegilan Adam dan impatient dia tu..I used 2 techniques so far and alhamdulillah nampaknya ada kesan. Satu je yg tak hilang lagi...hobby nak tidur dengan car collections dia..aduh..anyway..you gain some and you loose some kan?

Jul 27, 2009

Next in line is Lifelong Education In Malaysia which will have to be presented another 2 weeks. I'm searching and doing endless research for this subject matter and those happen to come across this blog or accidently visit this blog, I'll really appreciate if you could leave comments or tips or links for references. Thank you in advance.

Jul 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to everybody..

Trying to light the candles in order to make Abg Zahir blow it..hahaha.

Semua orang bersedia..one, two, three...

Birthday boy tengah survey which angle yg the best to blow the candles.

Hubby and Adam yg turut menyertai acara makan
Dalam perjalanan membeli kek for Abg's birthday di The Curve
Macam ku kenal mamat ini tapi dimana ya? hehehe

Perancangan yg simple dan segera ni adakala bagus juga dari planning yg lavish and taking forever. We (Kak Ana and I) simply plan this outing through phone on Thursday and setelah lama tak berjumpa..dari aku belum pregnant the second one sampai la miscarriage and sampai K Ana pregnant again baru ini la berjumpa. I don't have to do the maths since maksudnya memang dah berbulan la lamanya. Walhal bukannya jauh pun tapi time is always the main factor. We met at IKEA since K Ana agaknya mengidam nak jejak IKEA kut?hehehe..and since I promised the cake (Because I want to choose it myself..hehehe), we singgah sebentar kat Secret Recipe at The Curve. Then after makan-makan..perut pun berat je..mula le acara senaman jalan kaki around IKEA. Bagus untuk baby ye Kak..hehehe.Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance to Abg, Congratulations to K Ana, Happy Belated Birthday to Hubby, Adam and I. Kitaorang celebrate suma sekali.hehehe.

makan-makan sambil menghidang juadah
sembang-sembang emak-emak orang
Ni bukannya ngadap ceramah agama ke apa ke tapi semua ni penyokong Selangor yg tak dapat gi stadium coz ada kenduri. Nasib la ye Selangor menang 5-1 dengan Pahang.

I'm sure sekarang ni juga musin kenduri dimana-mana. For example on my hubby side on Saturday, my hubby's nenek buat kenduri untuk menyambut bulan Ramadhan yg bakal tiba and also untuk aqiqah anak cousin hubby. So after class on Saturday, we went to Meru for the kenduri. After I finished my class on Saturday tu balik rumah my In Laws dulu untuk tidur..ngantuk weh...tidur tak cukup mengenangkan presentation hari Jumaat tu and also tak cukup tidur dek kerja yg banyak. Mals nak bercerita banyak..lets the pitures do the work.

Last Friday we successfully conducted English workshop for the Second Year Apprentices. It was conducted in two sessions. We try our best to give the students means to success in their SPM. I hope it worth all the troubles and headache I had to endure for last week.

Jul 22, 2009

Owh..selesai sudah satu assignment yg ditunda dari semalam lagi. The topic is quite interesting dan terlalu banyak untuk diperkatakan but my part is only after our Merdeka. The pesentation dah siap but I still have the reading note and also handouts to prepare. I will have to finish it by tomorrow since Friday will be a very busy day. We organize a workshop for the students. Hopefully semuanya akan berjalan dengan lancar sekali. Amin.

Jul 21, 2009

Keletihan yg maksima mencari rezeki halal. Hari ni few classes terpaksa dikorbankan atas nama tugas demi negara. Although sekadar duduk, minum dan menunggu...itu adalah atas nama tugas. Then rushing back to the office just to went out again to 2 hospitals to see 3 patients, and then visiting 2 stores..
My plan was to complete my ppt today and hoping to email to Kak Has as soon as I could but when I came back this evening, my brain was not functioning well to cooperate with my body. This happen when I'm so tired. As last night I didn't get much sleep...thinking and pondering and questioning...I feel sleepy. Thank God Adam is cooperating...sleeping very early. And now I'm going to sleep. I have to do my ppt tomorrow...by any means.

Jul 20, 2009

My little one loves car so much he takes it everywhere...even to sleep. Itu pun after negotiate for a good 5 mins. Mommy tak suka Adam bawa toys bila tidur. Adam sangat suka bawa toys bila tidur. So we have to agree on a solution..that's why kereta mainan dia diletak disitu. Sebab tu dia berpusing mengadap kereta dia...supaya mommy tak ambil masa dia tidur..hehehe..pandai ye dia.

Today is a public holiday for Negeri Sembilan to celebrate the Isra' Mikraj. We had ceramah at the mosque last week prior to this day. And I'll be on duty for the whole week. Therefore I could only stay at home and other than waiting for reports from the Officer on Duty, I am oblige to make rounds around the Kem, hospitals, dining hall and what not. So much for a day off huh? Hubby went back to Lumut early in the morning and arrived safely to attend his 7 am class. We arrived a bit late last night because Adam slept through his afternoon nap until about 7 pm and we decided to wait until maghrib prayer to come back. Even then hubby wanted to 'singgah' at the Mc D since I told him few days ago I have a Double cheese craving. Ever since the 'buah delima' and my miscarriage, he takes my craving very seriously though he know for sure that I'm not carrying. But I told him to go back to PD since it was quite late..and a double cheese could wait until next week.
Adam is behaving quite well today although daddy is not around.Owh, he did asked for daddy early in the morning but I'm sure he understand allright. Just that I realize, Adam remember persons, things or what we say to him very strongly. Like, his mak teh (my sister) stayed for awhile with us last week and when my sis went back, everytime he comes back from his baby sitter's house, he'll ask for my sis. Sometimes I'm tempted to let him stay with my parents until hubby come back sebab I think he's lonely with only me in the house. Bagi aku, it'll be healthier for him to have a good environment and most important is for him to be happy. Tapi aku pulanya yg sunyi and also sampai bila le this thing nak last? Kesian pulanya to my parents although they don't mind having Adam..cucu pun sorang ni je. Sometimes berbelah bagi perasaan...

With mak su di kampung. His fave activity petang-petang.Mak Usu bawa keliling laman je pun.

Main sorang-sorang sambil mommy buat assignment.

Kesian Adam kan? Scene yg macamni yg selalu buat mommy sayu.

Jul 19, 2009

I don't have any class on Sunday but since many of us are working during the weekdays and live apart from each other, we decided week ago to have a discussion on our presentation next week this sunday. During my undergrad years, I could count how many times we agreed for weekend discussion!! Usually, we'll try to avoid weekend for any works. But now, I realize that my perspective and understanding are changing. Kawan-kawan TESL ku pasti terkejut if they know this.hehehe.Entah la kan..agaknya dulu sibuk dengan banyak perkara like dating, tengok movie, camping or other activities la kan. Not to say I'm not busy now but boleh la go to the library and read books and do work. Dating? Oh..hubby tetap hantar dan ambil ku pulang dari kelas..maintain lagi gi mamak after class. Masih maintain quality time with hubby and Adam.
Maybe working is no fun anymore. I don't really dig out the reason but yeah..it's been mundane and uninspiring. I wouldn't say studying is an escapism although I'm tempted to say so.. right now I want to have the right perspective and view only for my own sake. I want to be a selfish a&^%$)# who think about self achievement!! Boleh ke? No no no... I'm learning so that my students will get the idea that learning is a never ending process and if I could do it...so do they. And learning again is for my next plan after quitting...in less than 3 years lagi.

p.s: I got my new crocs shoes!! but not alice or prima...hehehehe..but Celeste Canvas. Itu pun setelah mencuba semua sekali kasut yg ada. Sudah memakai dan rasa sangat selesa.

Jul 18, 2009

A dose of Malaya Education history back from Portuguese, Dutch, British Colonizations and Japanese Occupation had circulated in my mind for a good 3 hours. After reading several books and documents from the net, I feel I'm in the blind. The more you read, the more you realize how little you know about life and the formation of our nation. And it makes me feel frustrated in my desire to finish my assignment by today. Nampak gaya kena draft a new one lagi and main objective nak finalize it today mungkin tidak berjaya. Itu baru Education and Human Development. Belum buka kisah Research Methodology's assignment yet. Lucky it's only 2 subjects per semester. But if boleh ambil banyak pun, rasanya 2 pun dah cukup kelam for me to shine through it. Hopefully I could finalize it tomorrow. Then I could start thinking about RM's assignment. Then I have to think hard again of my problem statement and my research proposal. Rasa macam nak keluarkan otak sendiri dan cuci bersih-bersih dan format it like we do to our computer..huhu..dengan harapan laju sket otak ni memproses dan menyimpan data. But..aku yakin, otak manusia yg dicipta Allah swt lebih berkuasa dan perfect dari mana-mana computer.
Since nak belajar dgn bersungguh-sungguh..hehehe..I need a booster. Classroom sejuk macam dlm peti ais camane nak concerntrate kan? Oleh yang demikian (hubby said alasan je tu) I need a good pair of flat (flat sebab bangunan tinggi dan banyak berjalan) and covered (cover shoes penting sebab sejuk tak bagus..hehehe) shoes yg sesuai for any type of attires. Contohnya:

Suede AliceYang mana yg menarik and suitable? To decide which one is the best, we have to go shopping kan? Takpe..ini demi kebaikan sejagat dan kesejahteraan hidup (my alasan to hubby).

Jul 17, 2009

Hubby is back!!! Adam and I are so glad. For 2 weeks I've been under the weather and what's with loads of work and assignments, I was a bit lost. I think I'm close to scratch my head bald..Ya Allah, dah lama tinggal student's life, rasa kekok untuk mula membaca bahan-bahan ilmiah. Yes, I'm addicted to books but lately banyak membaca novel sahaja...nak mula segalanya bukan senang and tatkala ini, teringat pada kata-kata seseorang, the first step is the beginning to the journey which might change our future and perspectives. Maka aku memulakan langkah pertama menyiapkan assignment Dr Fattawi malam ni. Bismillah..

Jul 16, 2009

There'll be days when I feel so low and down. Couldn't wake up from a deep slumber though I'm wide awake. Couldn't shake the feelings of letting down and giving up from my thinking. It's not helping when hubby is not around..when I have only the purest soul whom yet to understand hatred, anger, mourning and hurting.

Jul 11, 2009

This pic is taken from my lappie's cam so nampak sangatlah I'm not a morning type of person with the not so happy look right?
My postgrad classes have already started since yesterday and today is the second class. Yes, I'm embracing the glory of becoming a student AGAIN..hahaha..with a fluttering heart doubting whether I could do it and able to complete the programme or stumble with a dead end. As much as I love UM and still regard it as the best place to do my postgrad (this is solely my opinion ok), I'm trying to get a different perspective and learning experience. UM will be great as I'm familiar with the ground, the lecturers and the system but yeah...I do take "The Road Not Taken" seriously. I have a balance of 3 years in the service so if I have to be prepared if I decide to quit. Doing this in part time mode is ain't easy but I do pray to be given strong will and determination to complete this successfully. Amin.

Jul 8, 2009

I'm not feeling well,
Under the weather,
A HOT one as it is,
My nose is running,
like it won't stop,
My eyes are burning,
like it could cause massive fire,
My head is hurting,
like someone smash it,
And my heart is aching
For the two person,
who are not here...
I guess that's why,
the Panadol Solluble,
fails to do wonder.

Jul 3, 2009

Just so my senior officers yg membaca my blog here know that I'm not using Government money to do my blogging and facebook updating by using Government's computer ye. I use my own lappie and my own broadband to log in. And I use my break time to do these activities ok.

Long awaited day finally arrive with flourish (at least saya yg rasa begini..echeh). Setelah seminggu berjauhan and only connected through handphone and facebook, baru hari ni dapat kembali bersama-sama menjadi a complete and whole family. His absence from our house menyebabkan kurangnya keceriaan. Takde teman nak berborak, arguing, bergelak ketawa bersama dan berkongsi kisah duka. Adam juga terkesan sangat...kerinduan pada his best buddy adakala dibawa hingga ke mimpi. Apapun, friday is the best.hehehe.

Jul 2, 2009

Petang semalam ada hi-tea perpisahan Pegawai dan Staf yg akan bertukar keluar ataupun yg bersara and yg baru berkahwin. Dibuat di Casa Rachado. Tempatnya jauh tersembunyi dihujung jalan..hampir-hampir dah memusingkan kereta sebab ingatkan dah salah masuk lorong. Not too bad jugaklah. Let the pictures tell the stories ye.
Myself (tak single dah) with Kapt Atasha (single lagi ni)

The crowd yg dapat hadir..ada yg masih beruniform datang terus dari pejabat.

Souvenirs kepada yg bakal berkata bye bye tak lama lagi.Dibuat sendiri oleh geng-geng Kapt Sukyme.Muka ceria jejaka yg baru berumahtangga, Kapt Suhaimi.
OC Mej Kadir dan Mej Hamdhan yg akan meninggalkan perkhidmatan soon.

Mej Wan Hanisah yg ceria menerima hadiah kenangan.
Myself menjamu selera selepas mengambil gambar.Time macamni la pun nak practise ambil gambar guna my D90 tu.

Jul 1, 2009

I want to talk (or rather write) a bit about sign or poster which we could easily spot all around us. Somehow I like to read it (don't ask me why because I just like to do it) and almost all sign and poster are very straight forward of its' meaning (like the first poster I put here) but sometimes the sign or poster may make you look again in order to decipter its' meaning. For example, the sale poster in the windows make us look again and make me take out my hp and snap it right there while waiting for the red light. I'm not sure about the meaning..whether it's suggesting the lowest price ever or they're going to close the shop soon. And oh, it's a lighting shop where I could see chandeliers, wall lamp, post lamp and what not. It's just opposite Jusco Bukit Tinggi and if you still can see the peculiar sign, maybe it's cheap sale after all not bankcrupcy calling..hehehe.