Dec 31, 2012


Due date given by my gynae is 8 Jan 2013 based on the first day of last period and scan result. Jadi, I have around 9 days left before the arrival of our new family member. Most of the time I prefer to stay quietly at home. Pottering around the house trying to keep it tidy and clean but if I overdid it, malam-malam sure berjaga sebab sakit.
This pregnancy is so different from when I was pregnant with Adam. Age is one of the contributing factor rasanya. I was very active when I carried Adam and experienced none of the discomforts I experience now until the day I gave birth to Adam. However, I am lucky to have hubby by my side during the last trimester. He has been a total germ with the extra load of housework, groceries shopping, managing the household and of course entertaining our big boy who is still a cry baby whenever emotion ruled.
Of late, walking from my bedroom to the main hall is taxing enough. What with the super active baby in my tummy exercising the little feet and fist, another super duper active son, tambah dengan backache and cramps lagi, fuhhh.
However, I am grateful for Allah SWT gift to us. No matter how tired and uncomfortable this journey to me, we feel blessed with another addition of new qaliph to our family. I only pray for our baby save journey to this world and a smooth delivery for me. Inshaa Allah.
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Dec 28, 2012

Adam is Abang Long

Abang Long sangat le tidur malam pun still nak berhimpit dengan mommy. He were rather chuffed when I praised him of his good efforts to help me tidied up his study table. Then perasan Abg Long lagi bila dah tak minum susu dalam botol. Tapi kan the journey to start him off bottle tu sangatlah tragis dalam hidup Adam (agaknya la). Dah seminggu dah dia berjaya tidur malam without his beloved botol susu. The first night tu he cried for his bottle and punya la susah nak tidur. Daddy told him yg botol susu dia tertinggal di rumah nenek so he had no choice. He still asked for it on the second day and siap tanya I yang botol susu adik dah basuh ke belum dengan harapan agaknya dia boleh pinjam botol susu adik la tu. But when mommy told him botol susu adik semua dah packed letak dlm kereta, he was okay and alhamdulillah dah boleh tidur malam without botol susu. We are proud of him but since then tamau minum susu la pulanya. Jenuh daddy pujuk campur dengan milo tapi tak jalan. So we have to think ways to make him minum susu for a balanced diet. We don't want to deprive him from getting enough calcium and vitamins tapi tulah, have to think harder macamana nak bagi dia a complete diet.
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Dec 23, 2012

My bag is still empty

Okay, I am officially a 9 month-er ( ada ka such word?) jadi countdown dh start by hari la ni. Nervous tak perlu la nak explain lagi kan sebab HARUS la nervous. Last check up baby dah 2.9 kg. Hehehe. Semangat ye baby kali ni. Mau cecah 3 kgs juga la bila keluar nanti. Barangx keperluan baby memang harus diakui complete baru semalam. Bukan tak excited dengan kehadiran baby this time, it is just that we are extra cautious after what had happened before. Plus I memang busy lately and hubby was not around. Of course hubby I tu if I shop for baby,dia nak join sekali. Haha...maklum la, I have a huge tendency to go overboard apatah lg bila beli barang baby. I will go bonka with uuuuuu comelnya, wowwwwww so cute. So since my beloved chauffeur/ best friend/ best tukang urut is available at my expense, tu yg baru shop till I drop tu. The best things are we could go places and have several options available. Sampai ke Shah Alam barang baby I gi borong you. The not so best thing is I dah tak larat nak heret my two kaki yang pendek dan besar (Adam's new definition of mommy) ni ukur kedai. Tapi since dah hujung-hujung ni elok la exercise sketx, I heave my big tummy juga to buy baby clothes and such. If korang ternampak a hugely pregnant lady dragging her tummy and feet kat Jusco tu jangan la tenungx ye. Anyway, beg baby dh selamat kt dlm kereta. Yang tinggal just my hospital bag yang belum diisi. I already prepared what need to be packed, just belum masukkan dalam bag je. In shaa Allah by tonight I will packed everything and put it in the car. Pray for me and baby yeah.
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Dec 16, 2012

I am still around

Wow!!!! Where should I start? Dah wayyyyy out of touch after several months of neglection.Pity my blog penuh sawang. Since it is going to be not long before the new year, I forced (hambek kau) myself to write something as to close 2012 entry.
Banyak la yang telah dilalui sepanjang selepas my last entry. Nak remind myself and to diligently write here memang rasa agak mustahil. Hahaha. Tambah dengan M syndrome yang makin menjadi-jadi sekarang ni.
Right now I am on my 36 weeks ++ journey dah. Next week dah masuk 37 week Inshaa Allah. So far the pregnancy is fine with minor problems here and there. Awal pregnancy dulu I had moderate morning sickness which did not help my weight gain. Every check ups memang la nurse inquiry whether I makan or not sebab until 5 months berat I cuma naik 600 gm. Tak termasuk low bp and low hb. Then,bila dah masuk 6 months,my weight improved remarkably with steady weight gain. Yesterday check up saw my blooming 63.3 kg kat weighing machine tu. Harus la kerja keras lepas bersalin nak back to normal weight kan. However we are concern with one thing yg dah two Gynaes pointed out which was the umbilical cord yg kedudukannya sangat dekat dengan leher baby. The first gynae had checked whether the cord ada lilit leher baby or not and alhamdulillah the cord was only near to his neck and yesterday the second gynae voiced out her concern about the same thing. We will have to wait until my next appoinment to find out whether I can deliver my baby normally or we have to go for a c-sect. In the meantime I have to monitor my baby movement real close seeing the possibility of the u-cord to tangle.
Owh,have we share the baby gender yet? Of course ada juga keinginan to get a baby girl since we already have a boy but apa yg both of us pentingkan ialah kesihatan dan keselamatan baby sepanjang my pregnancy and soon lahirnya baby. Jadi, tak kisah sangat about the gender :)
Inshaa Allah we will see who is going to arrive soon.
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