Feb 20, 2013

44 days

Alhamdulillah harini marked the 44th day of my confinement. Kalau orang dulu-dulu sure buat pulut kuning and rendang dah ni to celebrate the end of confinement period. Nowadays mungkin ada yg buat but maybe tak ramai.
As he grows up, Mikhail learns new things everyday and demonstrates what he learnt. Like, he is able to recognize my voice and daddy's voice. He could hold up his head for few second and of course, he loves to cuddle up to mommy any given time. Older people will disapprove bila kita peluk anak lama-lama kan. Sebab katanya nanti bila dah terbiasa, mommy susah nak buat kerja sebab baby nak dipegang sepanjang masa. This contradict dengan finding from books and internet where mommy and baby should spend time together for bonding during early days. Juga bagus untuk self confidence baby later on. But I guess everything should be done in moderation la kan. Janganlah peluk anak sampai rumah jadi tongkang pecah and makan minum ahli rumah yg lain tu terabai. Itu yg I buat. Selalunya after feeding, Mikhail will be sleepy and I will take some time to hold him and afterward will place him in the cot. Ada masa baby pun lenguh kan, baring aje all day long so I will lift him and play with him for awhile. Or, lately yg dia paling suka, turn him on his tummy and Inshaa Allah he will sleep with ease.
Baby grows up very quickly and I don't want to miss every moment of his development while I could, Inshaa Allah.
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