Feb 25, 2014


5 days now and I don't know when it is going to stop...and it is quite peculiar to see the strongest, toughest and macho guy in the house to hiccups like kids..oh well, we do hiccuping too but for 5 days??? 
He has been to 3 doctors so far yet his hiccups did not seem to disappear if not reduced...pity the poor guy. So, we barely have a decent conversation this week due to hubby's discomfort...and I could barely hide my smile seeing him hiccuping like small kids...haha..jahat bini ye. Of course kesian and I had tried few remedies to try to cure it but all were not working so I have to force him to see another doctor tomorrow. There is no use of going to work and attend meeting if he cannot talk and will disturb the meeting with his non stop hiccuping right? Lagipun menurut Encik Google, lebih baik la consult doctor bila sedu tu berterusan lebih dari 24 jam. 

Enough about hub's latest state...Adam's Pra PKSR is going to be in early March so we have to revise his lessons quite steadily until that date. Kena divide the duty with hub as well sebab I dah start my class and hubby also has started his. Kenalah sama-sama bekerjasama. Adam kan...(I'm not sure with other kids) he knows what to do, what to write and how to read tapi bila it comes to buat kerja...masyaallah..rasa mommy nak tarik rambut...because he wants to finish his work fast, dia buat dengan cepat without care apa yg dia tulis and jawab. I have to check his books everyday tengok apa yang dia buat. Kadang-kadang ada unfinished work dia bawa dari sekolah...bila tanya kenapa buat separuh? Dia cakap dia tak sempat nak habiskan loceng dah bunyi. Mana la nak sempat siap kalau lebih banyak bercakap dari buat kerja. I sampai warned him not to talk much but bila dah tak boleh bercakap kat sekolah dia carry forward kat rumah la pulanya to my 'delight'. Memang la according to child development, psychologist..adalah normal bagi kanak-kanak untuk bercerita dan bercakap tanpa noktah...tapi fuhhhhh.....sungguh mencabar kesabaran sebenarnya. I can't wait for Mikhail to start talking properly so that Adam could have his sparring partner. Nampak gaya 'percakapan' Mikhail sekarang boleh la nak sparring dengan Adam.

Itu cerita Adam anak kesayangan kitaorang yang dah besar panjang...cerita Adik pula so far dah laju berjalan. He started his first step masa genap umur dia 1 tahun 1 bulan. He stand up and walked for 4 steps towards me and jatuh duduk. Few days after his first 4 steps tu dia dah start jalan satu rumah slowly and by now I have to tell him to walk a bit slower. Masih lagi fully breastfeeding (Alhamdulillah for nikmat dan rezeki yg Allah SWT bagi), he loves to eat and Alhamdulillah he is not a picky eater macam Adam. Senang kerja mommy to prepare his food. Of course, sebab dia ada abang yang dia boleh tiru, he likes what his big brother likes..mainly cars, bricks, books, pen and pencils. Nowadays dah pandai jerit-jerit tak puas hati or if dia tak suka something. 

Banyak juga beza between Adam Muqriz dan Adham Mikhail...but both of them are our precious. Both of them are special in their own ways. Just that I feel blessed dapat experience jaga Mikhail from the day he was born until he is 1 year plus old now, which tak boleh dibayar dengan wang. I missed a lot masa Adam dulu because of work commitments and though I regret it...it can't be undone...so I have to appreciate the time I have with them before i start working again.

Oklah kut ye for second entry. In shaa Allah kita sambung lagi. Till then..take care.

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