Apr 30, 2013

Adam Muqriz is officially 6.

I should publish this entry on 9 April but by the time I finished tidied up the kitchen, it was already late. Adik was restless for wanting another session of bf though he fed not too long before that...sigh. I am seriously a lot busier than ever now.
Okay, here goes, since he will be going to primary next year (huhuhu, dah big boy dah my son), he so wishes to celebrate his birthday at his kindy with his friends. So, I have to plan for cake, goodies bag, food and drink for about 61 kids. His classmates are only 16 but during break, they will be out at the play area together jadi we thought pity la to those kids yg not his classmates tengok aje kan. You know how kids are with birthday and cake kan. I am quite strict with junkies so there is no junk food in the bag. We decided to give something which can be used so we bought stationary set for everyone. Adam's classmates got additional note book and jelly. Everyone got two balloons each. Then come the drama for cake pula. He insisted for a Boboi Boy cake. So I went to Secret Recipe to ask for it but they cannot do it. Nasib baik la I know tokey cake yg I can trust for a delicious and handsome looking cake.
On the B day, I almost ran doing everything and going everywhere. Nak goreng bihun for so many tu is not my forte okay sebab tu kena buat dua kali goreng. Nak packing satu hal kan, then nk transfer all the goodies bags and bihun goreng into the car was no joke.
But, towards the end what matter most to us was Adam huge smile. Tak kira la how tunggang langgang our live that day, I had done my best to fullfil his wish. Alhamdulillah for that.
Then, we had a smaller celebration at home. Tok ( nasib la ada my mom) fried another batch of bihun goreng for us. So, to my dear boy who will always be my baby, Happy Birthday and may Allah SWT protect and bless you with goodness in life and hereafter. Amin.
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