Mar 12, 2013

Ting tong

I guess Mikhail punya perangai though wayyyy lebih sabar dari Adam, lebih kurang sama je. For instance they have specific needs at specific time (more or less) so most of their antics are predictable. Contohnya after feeding, nak tidur but if he refuse to sleep, check his diaper, then let him sleep on his stomach for awhile until he finishes his business (whatever at that time like kentut or poo) then change into new one and off he sleeps. Lately he feeds like there is no tomorrow. At 2 months old he weighed at 4.9 kg. Not that much I rasa sebab tengok baby lain at his age semuanya sasa belaka. Hahaha. Ayat sasa tu memang over kan. Last night Mikhail bf every one hour. Hambek. After feeding, I burped him, changed his diaper and when I was about to sleep, he woke up for another feeding session. Weeeee...I ended up ting tong today. So, Adam is off to kindy and Mikhail is dozing now. Mommy gonna shut her eyes for few minutes until ateh comes back. We have a special surprise for my husband today so gonna do some shopping petang ni. Nasib baik I masak awal so boleh la zzzzzz jap. Okay peeps, I could barely open my eyes dah.
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